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The Feuds That Sparked Vivica Fox's Plastic Surgery

Sea Published On Sun Jun 28 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 28 2020
The Feuds That Sparked Vivica Fox's Plastic Surgery

Remember that time when Vivica Fox dissed on her former boyfriend 50 Cent, implying her was gay? Late 2015 sparked so much of controversy  from her that so many other celebrities took the side of the rapper who also made claims of her own.

And 50 Cent also clapped back with a plastic surgery reference, among many others (rolling-eyes), that she's had a "really bad boob job". It was in 2003 that the actress dated the rapper, but apparently, the relationship was tough for her to handle despite having "really, really cared for him."

However, after all those years, it doesn't seem like she was getting over the relationship. And with the plastic surgery thing, a lot of others dissed on her too. But there was one plastics surgery feud you probably missed before all that.

Vivica Fox's Admitted to Plastic Surgery but Only Two of the Rumored Ones

When her plastic surgery came to light in November 2015, it was pretty obvious it was a topic to be talked about for a while. And it seems she really did get a boob job earlier in her life, with Botox as well, but seemed to have regretted it. She's also not wanting any more of it either.

50 Cent and Vivica Fox making their red carpet debut appearance together at the 2003 MTV VMAs.

They made their red carpet debut appearance at the 2003 MTV VMAs.
Photo Source: Getty Images

"I'm not doing any more of that plastic surgery crap," she told Upscale Magazine [via Mirror]. "I'm not the first or the only one, but I'm the idiot that admitted to it. Now everyone says, 'that is her whole look.' I take care of myself."

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That's not the only plastic surgery rumors she's been associated with. She was widely thought to have had a nose job for a long time too.

Aisha Tyler Immediately Joined in on the 50 Cent-Vivica Fox Feud

The feud started when Fox was interviewed with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen about 50 Cent's "gay stuff" response to Empire's dip in ratings. She did clear he was not gay when Cohen asked her if she insinuated that he was. But he also struck back.

Watch: How the Feud Started

And then, on The Talk show, the panelists discussed her Watch What Happens interview, and comedian Aisha Tyler slammed Fox for getting a 'Sharon Osbourne' at the swap meet. It was referencing Sheryl Underwood's defense for Sharon Osbourne's plastic surgery rumors. Underwood said that at the "swap meet" one could get the "Sharon Osbourne special, you get botox, a chemical peel and a facelift for $19.99!"

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"I'd like to point out to Vivica... she clearly went to the swap meet and got the 'Sharon Osbourne,'" Tyler said. "And she doesn't hold a candle to you [Sharon Osbourne]. She did get the $19.99 special!"

Aisha Tyler and Vivica A. Fox during "Kill Bill Vol. 1" Premiere - Red Carpet at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, United States.

They were friends before, kind of.
Photo Credit: L. Cohen, WireImage

The Whose Line Is It Anyway? host also defended 50 Cent's struggle with his sexuality, "It shouldn't matter. It doesn't matter, but if he was gay and was struggling with his sexuality, the last person that should come and rip him in public is someone who he was in a relationship with. That was so cruel and low and I just feel you shouldn't kiss and tell if you're a dude or if you're a woman."

It's unclear if Fox responded to the comments.

Kenya Moore Believed Fox Had More Than Boob Job & Botox

In February 2015, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and Fox got into a bit of a row after the former was fired from The Celebrity Apprentice 7. They appeared in a panel on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss her exit, but it turned into a plastic surgery accusation against Fox by the end of it.

Moore initially brought up a tweet Fox allegedly posted about dealing with menopause in such a sly way. But Fox claims she never posted a tweet like that and instead blamed Moore for stealing her phone and tweeting that instead.

Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox.

Yeah, not too good friends here either.
Photo Credit: Janet Mayer, Splash News

Moore denied doing it to win, of course. Williams then went on to show her a clip of Fox calling Moore's booty "lopsided". And sure enough, Moore fired back slyly after seeing the clip, "Nobody talks about her [Vivica's] face so I mean to say that, it wasn't nice."

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When asked to elaborate on it by Williams, Moore explained, "I have been a natural girl. I have never tried to turn myself into Maleficent, so I'm okay with it. I'm okay with being a natural girl."

It obviously insinuates Moore claiming Fox to have had more than just Botox. And sure the feud didn't stop either. But it begs the question of how much plastic surgery Fox has had all her life, despite saying she would never opt for it.

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