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Viki Odintcova's Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos Are Everywhere; Are They Even Real?

Yasmine Published On Sun Apr 26 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 26 2020
Viki Odintcova's Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos Are Everywhere; Are They Even Real?

It is not often that you see a whole Twitter and Instagram account dedicated to posting before and after plastic surgery picture of a celebrity. However, in the case of the Russian model, Viki Odintcova, fans have created various online accounts just to compare her current photos with her old pictures and make a case for her plastic surgery. 

Viki Odintcova may not be a household name, but she sure is a prominent figure in social media. The Russian bombshell, who started modeling professionally just five years ago, has already garnered more than five million followers on Instagram. The 25-year-old collected this massive fan following in part because of amazing photoshoots and some daredevil stunts (Remember she is the model who climbed to the top of the Cayan Tower in Dubai without any safety measures for a photoshoot). However, in large part,Odintcova is most famous for her perfect 36-24-36 measurements, which she flaunts in the picture-sharing app without hesitation. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her in bikinis, which provide an ample view of her toned figure and perfect curves. 

Viki Odintcova is famous for flaunting her curves on Instagram.
Photo Source: Viki Odintcova Instagram(@viki_odintcova)

As much there is love for Odintcova's perfect body; there are also questions whether it is natural or not. The once rumored girlfriend of F1 driver Fernando Alonso has repeatedly denied surgeries, but photos tell a different story. 

Internet Is Filled With Viki Odintcova's Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures 

Any model with perfect measurements is always subjected to question regarding plastic surgery, and Odintcova is no exception. The speculations of going under the knife increase even more when there are photos from the past to build the case.  

The internet is filled with photos of Odintcova from her young days, and based on those photos, it seems like she has used plastic surgery to enhance her face and achieve a perfect figure of 36D-24-36. 

Viki Odintcova is accused of using Plastic Surgery to achieve Perfect Figure and Face.
Photo Source:Plastic vika odintsova surgery(@vikiodintcovabefore )

When comparing to Viki's current photo with alleged before surgery photos, one thing that immediately strikes is her perfect hourglass figure in contrast to her more apple-shaped figure. It seems like she enhanced her buttocks with fat injections or other procedures to get a more proportionate figure. 

As for her boobs, they look natural. In most cases, a woman with a lean figure do not usually have huge breasts, but it looks like the brown eyed model is an exception. If someone has done breast augmentation surgery, then usually their breasts are close together, more round and not the natural tear-shaped. Since, Odintsova's boobs do not have these features; thus, it is very much likely her boobs are natural. 

Viki Odintcova's breasts are huge but they seems natural
Photo Source: Viki Odintcova Instagram(@viki_odintcova)

Moving to Odintcova's face, in comparison to her alleged before plastic photos, her face looks more oval. Her nose looks thinner, and her lips are full. It seems like she made her jaw slimmer with cheek liposuction, which inturns provided her oval shape. For the nose, it looks like she went for rhinoplasty, which is very common among celebrities and for lips, it seems like she uses lip fillers.  

Viki Odintcova's face look more oval now then in her earlier days.
Photo Source: Plastic vika odintsova surgery(@vikiodintcovabefore )

In addition to surgeries and other cosmetic treatments, the model has also drastically changed her hair and makeup. Before her hair was black, now it is a more light brow. In addition to that, currently, she looks more tanned, and her eyebrows are more filled.  

Viki Odintcova Denies Plastic Surgery and Credits Diet and Fitness for Her Perfect Figure

In an interview with Shot Magazine, Odintcova was pointedly asked by the interviewer if she had any plastic surgery? To which the model candidly answered, 

"No, I have never done operations."

Infact in the same interview, the 5 feet 8 inch tall model revealed that the secret to her beauty is workouts, makeup, and skincare. She explained that she exercised 3-4 times a week and try to eat healthy food. Also, though it is tough to stay in the schedule because of constant flying she always tries to remain disciplined and not lazy. 

Viki Odintcova exercises 3-4 times a week.
Photo Source:Viki Odintcova Instagram(@viki_odintcova)

If you are wondering why there are plastic rumors despite the model stating that she has not done any surgery. 

Well, many believe that the cosmetic procedures she is accused of using are not technically surgeries, so in a way she can claim she has not done any operation. But it is also a  fact that even after doing plastic surgery,a person has to do continuously exercise and maintain a diet to keep the figure. So, there is no denying that Viki's discipline toward workout and fitness is a vital reason for her perfect body. 

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