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What Went Wrong With Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery?

Jessica Published On Wed Apr 29 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 29 2020
What Went Wrong With Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery?

Imagine undergoing plastic surgeries to improve the look of your physique. But the results make it look even worse. You can imagine the devastation and pain Tara Reid suffered when her plastic surgeries including breast augmentation and liposuction went totally wrong. And, to even begin with, opening about your plastic surgeries is definitely a sensitive topic for anyone, especially for a celebrity like Tara Reid, who was once notorious for her typical status of being a showbiz Hollywood girl.

And, years after Tara Reid was finally ready to open about her plastic surgery journey, it only made us pity how unfortunate the whole experience was for the actress. But, considering the fact that someone as Reid in Hollywood can fall a victim of an amateur surgeon, it unquestionably leaves a big lesson for everyone on how important it is to do your research on your surgeon.

Tara Reid underwent breast augmentation in 2004.
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But, how did it all happen with Reid? What even made Tara undergo plastic surgeries to look beautiful as if she wasn't already pretty? One of the most notable stars, Reid's career that went south in Hollywood isn't the only concern that sold papers and stories if you look at history, but also her plastic surgeries. And, here's what you can know about the troubled stories of Reid and her plastic surgery journey. And, did she even ever recover?

Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery That Went Wrong

It's absolutely utmost surprising when you learn that Tara Reid is among those women who were insecure in their bodies. She was already what half of the girls in America wanted to look like, once upon a time, to say the least. But, Reid also has her reason which is pretty understandable. She confessed in an interview it's a part of her job to stay pretty that is required in Hollywood.

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And, as she wasn't satisfied with a part of her body, Reid decided to undergo one in 2004. No one knew why she opted for the decision when there was absolutely nothing wrong with her figure. But, of course, her insecurity was only something Tara knew about. Best known for her role as Vicky on American Pie, Reid shared that both sizes of her breast were different. Whilst one was bigger, the other was comparatively smaller.

Tara Reid had no luck with plastic surgeries.
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At the time, she was 34-B and wanted Bs. And since, Reid had the money, she immediately made the decision to undergo one to make her breast the same size and bigger without researching over her surgeon in 2004. The result was far from satisfying and gave Reid one of her biggest nightmares. The doctor turned her bust size into Cs. When asked about her instant decision, Reid says she believed everyone in Hollywood was good, including the surgeon she was recommended.

Tara Reid Wardrobe Malfunction At Diddy's Birthday

The consequence of her first breast augmentation was something only Tara Reid knew about and suffered in silence and isolation herself. But, the pain and embarrassment added when the actress suffered a wardrobe malfunction (nip slip) at the 35th birthday party of the rapper P. Diddy.

Tara Reid suffered wardrobe malfunction at P. Diddy's 35th birthday. 
Source: Become Gorgeous

During the red carpet photoshoot, Tara who arrived at the party looking gorgeous in a deep plunging black gown, unfortunately, had one of her dress straps slip down from the shoulder which resulted in the whole world finding out about her breast augmentation plastic surgery. Well, what haunted Reid was the large scars clearly visible around her front in the photographs.

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It was all over the news and newspapers. Not long after that, Reid was considered on the list of the women with the ugliest bust. But, Tara never sued the surgeon. But, breast augmentation is not the only plastic surgery horror Tara had to go through as she reportedly underwent liposuction procedure too.

Why Did Tara Reid Undergo Liposuction?

As a matter of fact, Tara Reid decided to undergo the plastic surgery procedure of liposuction at the same time she had her breast augmented. Although she was not obese at all, Reid underwent liposuction procedure to get abs. And, although she didn't go after the same surgeon who damaged her bust, the result of her liposuction turned into another disappointment.

Tara Reid underwent liposuction to get abs. 
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Reid claims her stomach looked ripply and buggly after the surgery. She lost the confidence to wear a bikini again and believes her body image after the liposuction was what made her earn less offer from Hollywood directors. To make the matter even worse, her plastic surgery didn't only affect her career, but her love life too.

According to Tara Reid, the men she dated at the time would comment over her tummy claiming something wasn't right with them and that they even suggested Reid neded to turn off the light. (The audacity of men.) True to her feelings, the Sharknado alum never wanted to show her figure to anyone.

Years later, Reid decided to undergo reconstruction surgery to restore the natural look and functionality of her body, despite being told it would be excruciatingly painful. Tara was able to gain back the confidence she lost but admits that she is never going to be perfect. And, she is right. No one is perfect.

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