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Svetlana Bilyalova Plastic Surgery — Are Those Real?

Sea Published On Wed Jun 10 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 10 2020
Svetlana Bilyalova Plastic Surgery — Are Those Real?

Another IG model, another plastic surgery case, right? Well, not so much. Svetlana Bilyalova is a Russian social media entertainer and model known for her racy pictures online. Of course, with a build like that, she was bound to attract over 8 million followers on Instagram.

Topless photos, wearing barely anything, swimsuit and bikini pictures are an everyday thing. From Los Angeles, she gained fame from, yeah, posting photos and skits on social media you couldn't stop following up on.

But plastic surgery? There's still a lot left to be answered, and she has responded a few times to the rumors floating around, but not in a direct way. There's a rather weird thing to her approach to taking things to this.

Svetlana Bilyalova Went More Viral for the Experiment to Detect Fake Boobs

Svetlana Bilyalova had gotten quite the hype after the mid-2010s, but it exploded after this particular clip. Nothing too sinister, though. She uploaded a video on Instagram performing a science experiment after a lot of research, apparently, on the human body and silicone.

Svetlana Bilyalova taking a selfie in a bikini top.

She doesn't make a compelling case of proving them to be real.
Photo Source: Svetlana Bilyalova, Instagram

Bilyalova found a way you could determine the "T**s Authenticity" of a woman, she likes to call it, if they are real or fake. But you'd have to get real personal with them. Don't blame anyone if you try it with someone you may or may not know.

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The experiment is possible taking two iPhones with flashlights, basically any phone with flashlight functionality, and a set of b**bs. Pressing the phones' switched on LEDs to each of the two assets and then turning the lights of the room off basically tells you if the person has real or fake boobs.

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If they are fake, then the silicone used as implants will glow red, and if real, nothing will happen. She experimented with an unknown individual for the fakes ones, who she called 'b***h', and her friend, Diana Melison, another Russian model for the real ones.

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Of course, it still doesn't answer if Svetlana herself has real or fake breasts, but judging by what she called the one with the fake boobs, she may be trying to say hers are real. Still, that doesn't completely rule out the possibility of breast augmentation or plastic surgery of any kind on her.

There Are Some Before Plastic Surgery Pictures That Might Provide Some Details

So far, yes, Bilyalova hasn't spoken out about whether she has yet done any sort of augmentation or not. But that doesn't stop her from making people grovel for her. There's that charm about it. Her before-after plastic surgery pictures claim to differ. They do make a compelling case.

Svetlana Bilyalova before and after plastic surgery picture.

Photo Source: Pinterest

In addition to breast augmentation, she's also thought to have gotten rhinoplasty. But there's little case of a proof for that. Also, lip fillers seem an extremely possible deal. Though there won't be any comment from her just yet.

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