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Shruti Haasan Admits She Has Had Plastic Surgery and Wants People to Stop Spreading Hate

kenshinpark Published On Wed Jun 24 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 24 2020
Shruti Haasan Admits She Has Had Plastic Surgery and Wants People to Stop Spreading Hate

Shruti Haasan is an Indian actress who is known for her stint on South Indian movies, but of late, the actress is has made a good place in Hindi language movies (Bollywood) as well.

Haasan is a well-known personality before even making her appearance on the big screen as she is the daughter of famous South Indian star Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur

So far, the actress has won herself many accolades, including three Filmfare Awards South, following which she has established herself as one of the leading actress of South Indian Cinema.

Haasan's talent is not limited to acting; from an early age, the actress has established as a singer as well. The 34-year-old actress sang and made an appearance on her father's movie 'Hey Ram' in 2000.

She is one of the most beautiful actresses in all of India; however, news of her wanting to go under the knife has created quite a stir in the Indian showbiz industry. Here's what you should know about Shruti Haasan's plastic surgery.

Shruti Haasan's Plastic Surgery

There are plenty of rumors already surrounding the actress about her plastic surgery. Some of the Indian media claimed she has had plastic surgery before her Bollywood debut. 

shruti haasan plastic surgery. Before and after.

Shruti Haasan before and after plastic surgery.
Photo Source: Gulf News

According to the sources, the actress admitted going under the knife for rhinoplasty and defended her procedure, claiming it was for a medical reason. But later, further reports were asserting Haasan also got lip fillers.

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As you can see from the comparison pictures, though the difference is hardly noticeable, some changes are evident. Her upper lip is slightly fuller than it as before. and about the nose, her new nose is trimmer, narrowed down from the nostrils, and the tip is rounder than it was before.

Shruti Haasan's Take on Plastic Surgery

As reported by one of the Indian media outlets, Shruti Haasan is pretty open about plastic surgery; however, the actress said she doesn't promote plastic surgery but believes one should not be criticized for changing their looks.

The actress said, "No one, famous or not, is in a position to judge another person, ever. That's just not cool. I'm happy to say this is my life, my face, and yes, I've had plastic surgery, which I'm not ashamed to admit."

shruti haasan plastic surgery.

Shruti Haasan admits she has had plastic surgery in the past.
Photo Source: Shruti Haasan Instagram

Haasan further revealed, "Do I promote it? No. Am I against it? No. It's just how I choose to live. The biggest favor we can do for ourselves and others is just and learn to accept the changes and the movement of our bodies and minds. Spread love and be chill. I'm learning every day to love me for me just a little more because the greatest love story of my life is with myself, and I hope yours is too."

On her rather long Instagram post, the actress further added, "Most often I'm at the mercy of my hormones mentally and physically, and over the years I work hard to try and have a healthy relationship with it. It isn't easy. The pain isn't easy; the physical changes aren't easy, but what's become easier for me is to share my journey."

Well, that certainly is a right message for all fans, and haters too. It's all about how you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. Be it plastic surgery or makeup; it doesn't matter! Everyone has the right to feel beautiful, and that's it.

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