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Shay Mitchell's Suspected Plastic Surgery Procedures, And How She Lied about Her Face to Fit In

Sea Published On Sun Jun 21 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 21 2020
Shay Mitchell's Suspected Plastic Surgery Procedures, And How She Lied about Her Face to Fit In

Now that Pretty Little Liars has been over for over three years, Shay Mitchell has moved on to a Kardashian lifestyle? Or so have people been saying since she's moved up to influence fans with social media. Or went back to her former online days. And some think she's transformed her face to look the part.

Born on April 10, 1987, Mitchell is having the time of her life right now with partner Matte Babel and taking care of their toddler, daughter Atlas, together. But don't wait for the two to get married together as she's explained she doesn't want to change what they have together right now.

Don't worry, she's taken up a bunch of more TV roles after 2017, with the likes of You, Dollface and The Heiresses. But you probably knew that already. Either way, she's been suspected of having had work done since the Pretty Little Liars days. Plus, she has a past of changing her looks to fit into the society she grew up in.

The Suspected Plastic Surgeries on Shay Mitchell

Among many plastic surgery speculative elements, The Skincare Edit has run down the changes in her since her first Pretty Little Liars days of 2010 and has speculated that she's had a rhinoplasty, with changes in his jawline & chin area, fillers in upper lips & cheeks, and Botox in her forehead.

Shay Mitchell's before and after plastic surgery comparison, 2011 vs 2018.

Shay Mitchell's 2011 and 2018 comparison.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Mitchell's nose went from being wider and flatter to a narrower shape, a more refined tip and a built-up bridge. Her face thinned out from the weight loss mid-way, but she's still speculated to have had submental liposuction. She was said to have had fillers in her cheeks in 2017 but only for a brief while. Of course, there is a little admittance that some non-plastic surgery-related procedures could've also helped.

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Apart from her shiny forehead and upper lip, she's also probably had porcelain veneers on her teeth to slightly change her smile. Additionally, she's also speculated to have undergone eyelid surgery, outside the Skincare Edit claims.

The Actress Used to Lie about Her Look to Fit in Among Canadians

Shay Mitchell was born half-Filipino with a Irish-Scottish father in Ontario, Canada. So yeah, being of mixed ethnicity, she was feeling a little out of place in her hometown growing up in a predominantly white area.

Shay Mitchell's childhood photo.

Yeah, a little after she grew up from this.
Photo Source: Shay Mitchell via Pretty Little Liars Fandom

"It was the first thing people noticed," she talks about her journey, according to Yahoo! Style, in 2015. "They'd say, 'Are you the daughter of my nanny?' I hated being asked who I was, and all my friends had blond hair and blue eyes."

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So, what did she do? Yeah, lie with her face, or just trying to adjust in society as a different person. She dyed her hair, wore colored contacts, and even stayed out of the sun to make her skin as pale as possible during her high school days. She referred to her past self as "that girl", meaning she just wants to leave those pretending days behind.

Shay Mitchell wearing vintage clothing.

Love her or hate her, she just wants to be herself.
Photo Source: Shay Mitchell, Instagram

According to E! Online, Elle Canada quoted her in 2013, saying similar things. That she dyed hair blonde, wore blue, green & gray contact lenses over her dark brown eyes to fit in. But when it came to her modeling days in Hong Kong and Thailand, she says she reverted back to her original shape so that she was "getting cast because I didn't look like anyone else."

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