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What Rapper Saweetie Says of Plastic Surgery

Sea Published On Fri Jul 03 2020   Modified On Fri Jul 03 2020
What Rapper Saweetie Says of Plastic Surgery

Female rappers have been popping up quite often in the last recent years, and Diamonté Harper, aka Saweetie, is well aware of her era of accomplished women in the industry. Like she said, "They're popping."

And her instance on the need to hypersexualize herself to attract fans is on the "no" side. But considering she was raised in a male-dominated family and often was a tomboy growing up, it does go to show why she would have racy pictures of herself online. She has years of being girly to make up.

As for plastic surgery, she doesn't clear up if she's ever got it despite claiming she's answered the question. But there have been words on the street about some works she may have had done. And that's just based on her obvious appearances.

The Word on the Street about Plastic Surgery of Saweetie

Saweetie, with a really significant meaning to Diamonté in her name, exploded into the scene with the single Icy Girl in 2017 she conjured up on social media. And since getting that record label deal, she's on a path that won't stop for her.

 Saweetie arrives at the WACO Theater Center's 3rd Annual Wearable Art Gala at The Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Airport on June 1, 2019, in Santa Monica, California.

Let the rumors fly.
Photo Credit: Gregg DeGuire, Getty Images

Among the many questions she gets from people, she's pretty open to the ones about plastic surgery, but you won't get a definite answer from her. Although, this does make up for speculations to allow floating around, like it or not.

She's been heavily rumored to have had a Brazilian butt lift. And this rumor was actually claimed in mid-2019 when she debuted her work on Tina Knowles' Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles.

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Additionally, she's suspected of having had her breasts done, as well as her lift. And sure, it's still all based on her appearance rather than factual data.

She Still Remains Vague about the Answer for Herself but Gives Her Stance on a Whole

The longest Saweetie has talked about plastic surgery was during a podcast episode, UNCENSORED, Jason Lee's Hollywood Unlocked, with co-hosts Melyssa Ford and DJ Damage as well, in October 2019. Of course, in the humble discussion, it was a pretty enticing conversation.

Saweetie grabbing her breasts during a podcast.

She actually doesn't say the answer though.
Photo Source: Hollywood Unlocked, YouTube

The rapper does not answer if she's had plastic surgery when she gets asked about having had her breasts done. She does say, "They look light," and "It looks perfect, huh?" But when she is pointed out she hasn't answered the question, she just remains really candid about it, saying, "I thought I answered your question."

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She does say this about the obsession of media and social media on women's bodies when it comes to plastic surgery, "I know a lot of women who've had a lot of work done, and I feel like that's a personal decision. I feel like it's only a problem if you're doing it for somebody else. I'm an advocate of women feeling good about themselves."

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Growing up a tomboy and playing sports that are perceived to be a man's game, she's never felt cute. Well, not until now. She doesn't feel she's obliged to answer whether she's had plastic surgery or not just because "they be nosy." So, don't expect a straight-away confession from her yet.

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