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Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery: The Actress Denies Any Kind of Procedure

kenshinpark Published On Mon Jun 08 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 08 2020
Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery: The Actress Denies Any Kind of Procedure

Salma Hayek (born Salma Hayek Jimenez) is a Mexican/American actress and producer. Beginning her career from the Mexican films, the actress moved to Hollywood to try her luck, and in fact, her magic worked.

The 53-year-old actress got her first role in Hollywood in 1995 from movies such as 'Desperado'; however, the real breakthrough for the actress came in 2002 from the film Frida. Salma, who was born on September 2, 1966, is now 53 years old and has enjoyed a successful career. 

People loved her accent, acting, and Salma as a person. And coming to this time and age, she still mesmerizes people with her beauty. And, it's obvious, some people accuse her of plastic surgery. So, is it true? Let's find out.

Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery

Salma Hayek often comes on the target of people who suspect her of using cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery. Some fans really can't get their head around as how Hayek still looks the same as in the 30s. Some people have claimed she went under the knife for at least one, if not more, procedure.

Salma Hayek Nose Job

Salma Hayek's nose looks different.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

People claim the Latina actress had her nose corrected. And if you look at the picture, it seems people have points. Salma's nose, in fact, looks different in the comparison pictures. 

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On the left, her nose looks a bit wider, and too blunt on the tip, while on the other picture, her nose looks sharp, narrow, and more defined from all sides.

Salma Hayek's Boob Job

Salma Hayek's breasts are bigger than they were in the past.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

If we look at the two pictures, Salma's bosom, in facts, looks different. They are bigger, firmer on the right side, while her picture from the past shows Hayek's boobs are comparatively smaller. 

Salma Hayek is Accused of Using Too Much Botox

Salma Hayek is accused of using too much botox.
Photo Source: Bright Side

Salma Hayek is often criticized for using too much Botox. And it makes sense why people have such claims. Hayek's face is as beautiful and radiant as it was two decades ago.

What Salma Hayek Says About the Accusations and Rumors About Her Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Enhancement

Salma Hayek cleared the about her plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement rumors. Salma denied having gone under the knife in her life, while she admitted using a filler injection a couple of times. She acknowledged taking the help of a cosmetic procedure for the role of beauty mogul 'Claire Luna' in the movie 'Like a Boss.'

Salma Hayek plastic surgery.

Salma Hayek takes a natural approach forever glowing, beautiful skin.
Photo Source: Handout/Getty

Salma, however, denied using Botox for her face or any part of the body. The actress credits her everlasting beauty to her daily routines. Salma revealed she takes a natural approach like turning to exercise, moisturizer, self-tanners, and facials for her glow.

So, there you have it, she is plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement free (except for a little bit on her lips).

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