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All About Rita Hayworth's Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Enhancements

kenshinpark Published On Sun Jul 19 2020   Modified On Sun Jul 19 2020
All About Rita Hayworth's Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Enhancements

Here's what you should know about Rita Hayworth's plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Rita Hayworth (born Margarita Carmen "Rita" Cansino) was an American actress and dancer. The actress was one of the elite actresses of the time, during the 1940s. 

Rita appeared in 61 in her over three decades career, which was phenomenal at the time. The actress was dubbed as 'The Love Goddess' for her glamourous appearance on the screen.

Some of the actress's most celebrated works include, "Gilda" in 1946 opposite Glenn Ford. Well, there are plenty of other excellent projects of the actress. As we all know, she is the style icon of the time; no wonder people were crazy over her look.

But with good looks comes scrutiny, especially people in the showbiz industry and more precisely for females. So, the industry was mainly male-dominated; females were highly objectified at times; we just can't imagine how hard it was for the actresses of that time.

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And since we are talking about Rita Hayworth's plastic surgery, just imagine how hard it must have been for the actress to deal with all the speculations from other people. So, we are here to uncover if the actress really went under the knife. Let's find out.

Rita Hayworth's Plastic Surgery, Were the Rumors?

Before we even start this, it feels kind of wrong to go in details about Rita Hayworth's appearance, who doesn't even exist anymore. However, this is only for the research purpose, so, hope you will not judge.

Rita Hayworth's Plastic Surgery.

According to different media outlets, Rita Hayworth, in fact, changed a few things about her look. By that, we mean, some reports suggest the actress had had a facelift. Moreover, Rita was also speculated to had endured extensive hairline electrolysis and dyed her dark locks red, a color that became her signature in the latter days. 

Our Verdict on Rita Hayworth's Plastic Surgery and Other Enhancements

As you can see from the comparison picture above, Rita Hayworth did, in fact, endure extensive hairline. The actress had a more prominent forehead after the procedure, and about her facelift, it seems she did have a facelift. The jawline looks more defined, streamlined than before.

Rita Hayworth's Plastic Surgery.

Photo Source: Closer Weekly

As we know, plastic surgery was kind of big deal back in the days; hardly any actresses revealed the truth about it. So, it can be assumed she never admitted going under the knife, but it's also hard to imagine how she would have faced the criticism following her revelations.

But it is believed the procedures really helped the actress launch her career, and became 'The Love Goddess.' 

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