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Details on Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere? What's the Progress?

Chester Published On Mon Jun 01 2020   Modified On Mon Aug 10 2020
Details on Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere? What's the Progress?

Rick and Morty's fourth season has now concluded with the most recent episode, and fans are already curious regarding the Si-FI show Season 5 premiere.

There has been a certain interval in the middle of each new season, and they hold up between Seasons 3 and 4 was one of the longest. But the news of season 5 will make Rick and Morty lovers happy. The new season premiere is going as planned by the production. They've schedule to at least 70 episodes since its 2018 season end.

Unfortunately, there is no release date right now for Season 5 of the series but the work is already in progress. The writing has already started, Dan Harmon in an event, referenced that Season 6 was being created. So we are sure about that.

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You guys be wondering what might delay the season right ? The one reason which might delay the production is now ongoing novel COVID-19 pandemic. In a past meeting, Sarah Chalke (the voice behind Beth Smith) shared that the cast themselves presently can't seem to work for the season.

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Sarah shared few words behind the Season 5 production, which reads,

We are going to probably hold off on recording until things settle down a smidgen, as far as when… you know, perhaps if there was a choice that we might record… you know, when we could record back at the studio.

And Chris Parnell former statement also matches that Season 5 is in progress right now, but the cast is yet to record the voices. Be that as it may, that being stated, both cast and fans have shared their positive response toward how Season 5 is coming up with more Rick and Morty adventure filled journey.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may delay it's release, it's confirmed that Season 5 will be done at any cost. And talking about the before season 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 were deferred because of a few reports that the creative cycle had been slowed down, but seeing the writing progress in such a way is already good news!

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