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The Plastic Surgery Confessions from 'RHONJ' Alum Dina Manzo

Sea Published On Fri Jun 26 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 26 2020
The Plastic Surgery Confessions from 'RHONJ' Alum Dina Manzo

When it comes to weight loss or plastic surgery, you gotta admit, there are not many areas of the entertainment industry open about it than the 'Real Housewives'. Among a lot of those confessing their journeys, Dina Manzo decided she would too after receiving so much love from her fans. And that's despite not appearing in the series for six years.

There's no doubt about the fact that The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum has been happy these days quite more than the past and her days on the show. And it's not just because of her wedding to husband David Cantin and their life in Malibu.

A few years into leaving RHONJ for a life outside the glam world, she decided, well, she's not happy with how her nose fitted into her face. And to settle that feeling, she opted for plastic surgery and for a better cause. While there have been some cases of plastic surgery gone wrong, for her, it was liberating.

Dina Manzo Confesses Nose Job in a Surprise 'Watch What Happens Live' Appearance

The major plastic surgery change Mrs. Cantin wanted for herself was a nose job. And she was more than happy to talk about it when she got the chance to say it to the world. And there was no better platform to let the Bravo universe know about it than Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

It had been four years since her last RHONJ appearance in 2014 when she surprised everyone by entering the stage in April 2018. But it was not on stage that she revealed she had her nose done.

After the show and receiving a lot of love from the others, of course, she took to Twitter to thank her for their love and reveal she'd had her nose done.

"Thanks for the #wwhl love ❤️ You guys are always so sweet to me," she wrote in the tweet. "I was a little nervous because I had my nose fixed a few months ago & im still swollen but how could I say no to @Andy ❤️."

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Apparently, many missed this memo for the rest of the time, even when she talked about her nose and her doctor for the second time in December 2019.

In December 2019, Manzo Reveals She Had More Plastic Surgery Just a Nose Job

This time, Dina caught up with her fellow housewives and posted a photo on Instagram with Teresa Guidice and Rosana Costa. And the outpour of positive comments about her looks was too overwhelming for Dina not to just ignore them.

Dina Manzo in between Teresa Giudice and Rosana Costa for the viral photo.

A small reunion.
Photo Source: Dina Manzo Instagram

In response to the "You look great," comments, just before Christmas Day came around, she acknowledged all the love with more discussion about her nose job and paid tribute to the doctor, the reputed Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, who made it all possible. But she had some more things to say, like getting more plastic surgery while at it.

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"Ok I'm FLOODED with messages over this photo," she captioned the photo above. "THANK YOU for the very very sweet messages saying I look great etc. I appreciate that more than you know. ❤️ Some of you are commenting that I look different. You're absolutely right. When the thing on the center of your face changes you're gonna look different lol."

The additional thing was that she opted for a few "tweaks" while at anesthetics during the nose job. She says she did them so that she won't have to use fillers due to the expense. But she was reluctant to say what more plastic surgery procedures she opted for.

Dina Manzo with her husband David Cantin.

She was still hopeful for 2020 as well.
Photo Source: Dina Manzo, Instagram

"Two years ago I got my nose fixed," she continued. "Since I was going under anesthesia anyway (which I totally despise) I had @drghavami make a few tweaks so I didn't have to go the filler route. I hate fillers plus they're so damn expensive... @drghavami likes to say “keep em guessing” so I'll leave it at that."

It's not sure what other "tweaks" she made to her face, but by the looks of it, there seems to be a change in her lips and her cheeks, an obvious aspect of cosmetic enhancement she couldn't deny. She also shared her journey of getting used to her new nose.

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"I had a really hard time adjusting to my new nose especially the first year. Although my Dr is amazing at what he does, it did change my overall look. I had a prominent Italian rounded nose and now I had this perfectly proportioned petite nose. It's a big adjustment especially when you live with the same face for 45 yrs.

Dina Manzo showing her new makeup kit.

Manzo has that makeup magic to thank.
Photo Source: Dina Manzo, Instagram

"But now that most of the swelling is gone. I've grown to really like the new me. A smaller nose does make me look much younger & my “tweaks” make me look refreshed."

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She transitioned on to share her makeup & beauty secrets, while also promoting Botox use. "AND I love me some Botox @omniaesthetics in NJ is the best & @my_biospa in OC."

Manzo is happy to report that she is eating right and taking care of her body the right way. And she's been happy overall since a long time now. The admiration will never stop either.

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