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Home health-lifestyle Reid Ewing's Plastic Surgery Didn't Turn Him into Brad Pitt and Wishes He Hadn't Gotten It

Reid Ewing's Plastic Surgery Didn't Turn Him into Brad Pitt and Wishes He Hadn't Gotten It

Sea Published On Mon Jun 29 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 29 2020
Reid Ewing's Plastic Surgery Didn't Turn Him into Brad Pitt and Wishes He Hadn't Gotten It

Among the many plastic surgery regrets, add Modern Family's Reid Ewing to the list. He had one dream for his face that he wanted from it, but the very first step of it led him to a surgical journey he wished he'd never started.

Brad Pitt was who Ewing was trying to get his looks to, even though he couldn't have needed such a thing. But it was out of his will to not believe he was ugly. He was 19 in 2008, when he first just head-on decided to transform his face, and he thought once would be enough.

However, he would go on to learn the agony of hurried plastic surgery, which he felt immediately after his first-ever procedure, even after two weeks of recovering time. It was what would lead to a number of excessive doctor's appointments and changing to four different doctors.

Reid Ewing Suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

It's a strange disorder to have. Suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder means one can flaw in the smallest of things about their body and how they look. It creates a debilitating obsession of looking at the mirror, losing hours in front of one and trying to hide every little self-purported flaws. Or this may lead to never wanting to look at a mirror forever, afraid of what they might see of themselves.

MODERN FAMILY - "Changes" - on the Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Television Network.

After his first surgery.
Photo Credit: Danny Feld, Walt Disney Television

And in the majority of cases, it makes people want to opt for plastic/cosmetic surgery to get what they want. Or at least try to. And that was the conclusion Ewing came to when he told himself, "No one is allowed to be this ugly."

The First Cosmetic Surgery Was a Complete Disaster

Figuring he would look like Brad Pitt with one surgery, he made an appointment as quickly as he could in 2008. Most parts of the surgery were the cheek fillers, which didn't work too well for him.

For one thing, he didn't know he had to wear a face mask for two weeks before taking the bandages out. He had some terrible experience in the weeks. And for another, his face just swelled up. And the next few months became another horrifying experience that he went to hiding.

Reid Ewing on 'Modern Family'.

For now, he is done with plastic surgery, no matter what the urges.
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless, Walt Disney Television

Panicking, he went to the same doctor to have his cheeks reversed. But with lawsuits coming his way, the doctor refused to it, which prompted him to try another doctor. Despite being less experienced, Ewing took the chance, but the new doctor suggested a chin implant to recuperate the cheek implants.

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What followed was a series of failed consecutive surgeries from more than one other doctor. He was having the problems even while filming Modern Family, as he'd removed the implants and was experimenting with injectable fillers and fat transfers, not so noticeable in comparison to the surgery.

Giving Up Plastic Surgery and Vowing Never to Do It Again

In 2012, Reid Ewing had enough of the agony and plastic surgery. It took six months of isolation for him to be comfortable to show his face to anyone. And he believes it might be something else people with BDD should be looking at that their face.

Actor Reid Ewing is photographed for TV Guide magazine on January 8, 2020, in Pasadena, California.

He was warning others with the essay.
Photo Credit: Corey Nickols, Contour

None of the doctors got him to go through a mental screening. Or try to find out something that makes them so addicted to plastic surgery at all. And when he saw the first doctor he had on a talk show and magazine talking about tips of plastic surgery, he wrote the essay on The Huffington Post in 2015 about his horrifying journey to counter his actions.

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Ewing acknowledged plastic surgery to not be such a bad thing, but he also warned anyone looking for their first surgery, if they have BDD as well, to first think about whether the insecurity is in the mind rather than really their face.

"Before seeking to change your face, you should question whether it is your mind that needs fixing," concluded.

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