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Niykee Heaton's Then and Now Pictures are Shocking! Result of Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

Yasmine Published On Thu Apr 30 2020   Modified On Fri May 15 2020
Niykee Heaton's Then and Now Pictures are Shocking! Result of Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

Celebrities doing plastic surgeries is a common practice in Hollywood; however, only a few times the stars are candid about them. However, some operations are so evident that hiding does not even make sense. 

Singer and model Niykee Heaton has never directly accepted that she has done multiple plastic surgeries. However, the Bad Intentions grew in front of the camera because of her YouTube channel thus the changes in her body are seen by millions of people, and in no way, they seem natural. Heaton, who started her career by posting cover songs of the contemporary artist on YouTube, has always been very vocal about her difficult childhood, including the bullying she faced because of her appearances. So, in a way, fans sympathize and understand with the choices she made.  

Niykee Heaton Started her Singing career from YouTube.
Photo Source: YouTube 

Nonetheless, there is no doubt fans would have loved if Heaton was candid about her surgeries. After all the changes in her body are too noticeable.

Increased Breast Size From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Niykee Heaton's chest looks completely different when compared to her younger days. It seems like she directly moved from A-cup to D-cup overnight.

Niykee Heaton's Chest was Smaller in the Past in Comparison to Now.
Photo Source: Latest Plastic Surgery

Also, the musician has indirectly accepted doing the breast surgery. In one of her Instagram photos back in 2016, she tagged her breasts to plastic surgeon  Ashkan Ghavami.

Niykee Heaton tagged her Plastic Surgeon in one of her Photos.
Photo Source: Ashkan Ghavami Instagram(@drghavami)

If you are thinking this name sound familiar, then you are not wrong; he is the celebrity plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, who was performed surgeries on Stassie Karanikolaou and Iggy Azalea. 

Butt Lift Rumors 

There is no denying that butts can look different depending on camera angles or the pose. Also, the shape of the buttocks can be changed due to a specific workout regime. However, a drastic change is rare. 

Heaton's Current Buttocks are much round and big compared to her young days.
Photo Source: CelebsHistory

When Heaton's previous butt is compared to her later one, the change is too noticeable. In her young days, her buttocks were totally flat; however in later photos, her buttocks have volume and definite shape as well.  

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People speculate that the Starting Over singer has used Brazilian butt lift for this effect. In the process, the fat is obtained from regions like the thighs,or stomach and injected into the butt.

Apparent Signs of Lip Fillers  

Pouty lips has become a necessity for celebrities, especially for those on social media, who like to click selfies. There is no denying that big lips are sexy, but sometimes it can be distracting, especially if it looks too big for the face.

Niykee Heaton's Lips look fuller Now then Before.
Photo Source: CelebsHistory

Unfortunately, Heaton faced the same tragedy. Since she had such thin lips in the past that the sudden fuller lips became so evident and distracting to some level.  

Even Botox Injections? 

Botox, in general, is used to reduce lines and wrinkles from the face as people get older. So, it seems difficult to fathom that Heaton, who is just twenty-five years old, have used it. 

Heaton's skin looks tighter now than in the past.
Photo Source: Latest Plastic Surgery

However, it is also a fact that the singer's face looks different than her young days. Her skin is tighter, especially in her cheek area, giving her the desired oval shape. Also, it is noticeable that when she speaks, her mouth looks stiff, which is common in people who has has done botox treatment. 

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