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Nicole Richie's Plastic Surgery is Confirmed, She's Had Boob Job

kenshinpark Published On Mon Jul 13 2020   Modified On Mon Jul 13 2020
Nicole Richie's Plastic Surgery is Confirmed, She's Had Boob Job

Nicole Richie (born Nicole Camille Richie) is an American television personality who is well known for her stint on the Fox reality series, 'The Simple Life.' The TV personality, following her success from the show, has appeared on numbers of other television shows.

Some notable works of Richie include NBC's 'Fashion Star' as one of the three mentors, 'Candidly Nicole,' her own reality show, and NBC's sitcom 'Great News.'

The socialite, no doubt, has garnered a huge fan following through her series of successful series, but with fame comes some downsides too. People scrutinize a person with celebrity status, and Nicole was no exception.

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People and some media outlets claim that the reality star has had plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements. Is it true, did Nicole Richie really go under the knife? Let's find out.

Nicole Richie Plastic Surgery

As we mentioned earlier, celebrities are often criticized and scrutinized for their looks. Nicole Richie is one of them, who is often speculated about her plastic surgery.

Nicole Richie Plastic Surgery.

The change is apparent.
Photo Source: Radar Online

While many celebrities deny the fact they have gone under the knife even, it's true due to the fear of criticism from fans, but Nicole is a little different in that case. 

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The reality star admitted she has had plastic surgery, while her most prominent one is a boob job. The socialite flaunts her new boob with pride, and we are proud of her.

How Did People Find Out About Nicole Richie's Boob Job?

Back in 2016, 38-year-old showed up to an event with a rather revealing slit-through black gown, which was enough for people to see and speculate about her boob job.

One of the media outlets, Radar Online, revealed the reality star had recently has had plastic surgery then. The report suggested Nicole's close friend revealed she has had a boob job. 

Nicole Richie Plastic Surgery.

She looks nice, the experts believe.
Photo Source: Radar Online

The media outlet even asked for experts, during which Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, said, "Nicole appears to have had a breast augmentation."

Dr. Sheila added, "She is more fullness now, and doesn't appear to have gained weight to account for this. She looks great."

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