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Nicola Peltz Plastic Surgery Transformation; Then & Now

Jessica Published On Sun May 03 2020   Modified On Fri May 15 2020
Nicola Peltz Plastic Surgery Transformation; Then & Now

If there's anyone we are a fan of when it comes to plastic surgery results, then Nicola Peltz definitely tops our list. Noticeably, vast changes can be seen over the facial appearance on the daughter of the billionaire businessman, Nelson Peltz who has been in the limelight since a young age. But, what makes Peltz's plastic surgeries so great is the amazing work of her surgeon who perfectly performed magic over her face.

Of course, excluding the part on her lips, Nicola's transformation results are still extraordinarily compliment-worthy. No wonder, the Our House actress has also recently been under the limelight for her plastic surgery reasons, aside from her affairs with men including former boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, and current boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham.

Teenage Nicola Peltz in 2010.
Source: The Skin Care Edit

And, as a billionaire heiress, Nicola had no issues to exploit the resources to fix her face and get the look of her dream. Speaking of which, Peltz seemingly underwent several cosmetic surgeries to fix her nose, jawline, eyebrow, and lips. Well, at least Kylie Jenner and Madison Beer aren't the only famous celebrities who underwent plastic surgeries as a teenager as we now have Nicola Peltz.

Nicola Peltz Plastic Surgery Transformation

Since debuting as Mackenzie in the 2006 film, Deck the Halls, Nicola Peltz continuously contributed to several other hit projects including The Last Airbender where she portrayed Katara. And, the factor was definitely what made the massive changes over her face from her childhood phase to her adulthood be easily noted. However, those changes weren't noticed until 2013 after Peltz made her public appearances following a year absence from the spotlight in 2012.

Nicola Peltz possibly underwent plastic surgeries in 2012.
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But, it wasn't just with her nose or chin, but almost with everything that existed on her face. And, to begin with it, one of the major transformations, Nicola decided to go for was her hair that didn't include plastic surgery. Previously a brunette, Nicola might have dyed her hair blonde to make the changes made to her face through plastic surgeries look less noticeable.

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The eagled-eyed public weren't easily going to be fooled, though. As a matter of fact, the plastic surgery experts were already examining the transformations with Nicola's face and succeeded too. Speaking of which, it makes it obvious that the alum of Transformers: Age of Extinction took a year break from her career to undergo the surgeries.

Nicola Peltz Underwent Nose & Chin Augmentation Surgery

One of the foremost changes noticed was definitely Nicola Peltz's nose and chin. Whilst her nose was still perfectly fine before changes were made to it, her nose looked a bit broader and bigger compared to the thin appearance, one can easily see today. And, since her nose actually looks sharper and pointed on the top, it's safe to assume, the Bates Motel underwent nose augmentation surgery.

On the other hand, Nicola's chin as well as could be easily differentiated. Speaking of which, her jawline looked broader as if she reduced her sharp chin as it did not look as piked as it was before. Pops to her surgeon too as all the surgical procedures were so perfectly done that there was no flaws. Her widened jawline indeed matched finely with the rest of her facial structures.

Nicola Peltz's Lips Transformation With Botox

Then in 2016, Nicola Peltz underwent a major facial transformation with her lips. Although the New York-born might not have opted for a major plastic surgery considering that just an injection, widely known as botox, can make drastic changes to make the lips look bigger and plumpy, it didn't seem like the case for Nicola's lips.

Nicola Peltz's plastic surgery transformations.
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As for Nicola, who already had perfect full lips, it's a bit disappointing that she considered getting lips injection. But, hey her body, her choice. Well, after Peltz seemingly had her lips job done, her lips surely looked bigger. The upper lips. however, were irregular, and that something easily noticed.

Also, last but not the least, it looks like Nicola Peltz also underwent the cosmetic procedure of undergoing eyebrow tinting, which is all about applying semi-permanent dye to the eyebrow to give it a fuller and darker looks, as per the demand of the customer. But, unlike her lips, Peltz's eyebrow was perfectly done.

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