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Who Is Nick Stahl's Wife Rose Murphy-Stahl? How She Involved Herself During All His Addiction Years Despite Being Separated

Sea Published On Wed May 27 2020   Modified On Wed May 27 2020
Who Is Nick Stahl's Wife Rose Murphy-Stahl? How She Involved Herself During All His Addiction Years Despite Being Separated

Did every child actor of the '80s and '90s have a horrendous career after a few years of fame in the 21st century and ended up with substance abuse? As much as it pains to face the truth, quite a lot of them have not been able to pick themselves up.

For Nick Stahl, too, who played a younger version of the infamous 'John Connor' in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, it was quite a journey for almost 15 years as he juggled with his addiction problems before finally returning back to the acting scene a couple of years ago.

And amidst all that, there was his wife Rose Murphy-Stahl, who had his back even after they separated years ago. Putting off divorce in order to help him get better even though she was not obliged to isn't something that many estranged couple are able to do. But she did.

First Off, Nick Stahl's Wife/Former Partner Is Also an Actress, Though Is Only Currently Active

Rose Stahl was originally born as Roseann Marie Murphy, and you'll find her being referenced as Rose Stahl even after the separation from Nick, or even as Roseann Murphy or Roseann Stahl.

Nick Stahl driving a car while wife Rose Murphy takes a selfie with their daughter Marlo in the back seat.

Nick Stahl has a daughter with wife Rose Murphy.
Photo Source: Wall of Celebrities

Rose was not from an acting background and came to prominence when she married Nick on June 4, 2009. They have one daughter together, named Marlo Stahl, born in 2011. The two were reported to be separated in early 2012, presumably due to his drugs and alcohol problems, but despite not living together, she was not filing for divorce yet. She likely wanted him to recover first.

Roseann was mentioned in the credit section for the 2011 horror movie 388 Arletta Avenue (in which Nick played) before acting for the first time with appearing in a bunch of episodes in Oh-My-Gleed! since 2012. After a small appearance in the 2013 movie starring Owen Williams, Eat Spirit Eat, she did not engage that much in the acting industry until 2020.

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She's credited to be included in two projects, The Owl in Echo Park (in post-production stage) and Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan (already completed) scheduled for a release in October and July 2020. But it may change in correspondence to the recent CoronaVirus pandemic.

Nick Stahl Allowed Legal and Physical Custody of Marlo for Rose, But His Disappearances Were Troublesome for Rose As Well

About two years into their marriage, it was all fine for Nick Stahl as the director of 388 Arletta Avenue, Randall Cole, testified of him not having any problem with him while filming on set. It might have been a little worse than that already as he'd already revealed a bunch of times that he struggled with the childhood fame, particularly involving substance abuse.

Nick Stahl and his wife, Rose Murphy arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of "Burning Palms" held at ArcLight Cinemas on January 12, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

He'd been struggling with addiction since the teenage years.
Photo Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix, WireImage

He and another child actor, Brad Renfro, who died from a heroin overdose at 25 in 2008, were paired up for 2001's Bully. And Stahl told The San Francisco Chronicle in 2008 that there were clear signs in Renfro that time, much like he also had with drugs and drinking.

It's unclear when the problems started to get serious for Stahl as Cole saw that he and his wife "looked happy together" while filming the horror movie in 2010. It seems it did happen afterward, but he turned down acting roles since around September 2011 to focus on getting better and checking in on rehab.

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It seems the couple apparently split up well around that time reportedly due to several domestic problems. But despite that, Rose did not ever consider him estranged or separated but just away from each other due to his recovery process.

Nick Stahl and his separated wife Rose Stahl.

Call them estranged, but they weren't back then.
Photo Source: Nick Stahl, Twitter

However, his constant disappearance had become a real problem for Rose and their daughter. In early February 2012, they'd signed paperwork that allowed Rose complete legal and physical custody (Nick actually proposed it) of Marlo, but he was allowed to see his daughter eight hours a week if he passed a drug test within 24 hours before the visit. But the visit too was to be supervised every time.

2012 Was a Disaster for Nick Stahl with Disappearances, Reconciliation & Arrest

Nick was living with a friend after the split and would occasionally disappear for one to four days. But he'd always check in with Rose at the end of it. But the biggest scare for her happened when he disappeared for five straight days without telling anyone.

He disappeared on May 9, 2012, and Rose reported him missing on May 14. She was scared that he'd turned up overdosed, or worse. A few days after the missing person's case filing, he resurfaced and with the noblest of ways.

Nick Stahl looking estranged.

Rose was really scared when Nick went missing for more days than usual.
Photo Source: Getty

Like always, he called Rose to tell her he checked into rehab as she confirmed he'd entered the undisclosed facility on May 19 for a 30-day stay. He even emailed his friends this time to apologize and let them know he was safe & getting help at a rehabilitation facility. She asked for support from the public, despite not wanting to make the missing persons case public.

But that was not the end of it for Stahl. His wife reported again in mid-July 2012 that he'd been missing for four days again. But she was reluctant to divulge more as she stopped the search a couple of days later. He'd released himself out of the facility and stayed with a friend again, despite the doctors' stern denial that he shouldn't get out yet.

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And within a few days, he was back home again as she posted a photo of them the day she stopped the search. He was recovering this time at Alcohol Anonymous.

Rose Murphy, Nick Stahl, Marlo Stahl Nick Stahl At The Grove,

Despite gaining full custody of Marlo, there was no full restriction.
Photo Source: WENN

That too wasn't the last of his problems. In December 2012, he was arrested for suspicion of committing a lewd act at an adult film store but was released after no complete evidence. For a brief moment in early 2013, it seemed like Nick & Rose were reconciling as they were seen in outings together with their daughter a bunch of times.

But in June 2013, he was arrested again for allegedly possessing methamphetamines when with a group of people who the police were checking in on in Los Angeles. He was just placed on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold earlier that month.

It might've been too much for Rose as there were reports the two actually separated in 2014, after a lot more incidents to follow.

Nick Stahl Finally Filed for Divorce in 2019 After Getting Better & Returning to Movies

Stahl pretty much stayed out of touch for a few years before revealing in 2016, during an interview at the Dallas Comic Show that he'd moved back to his hometown in Texas and was taking an absence from acting in order to concentrate on family and sobriety.

He'd also promised that he would return back to the acting scene once things are patched up, which he did. In 2018, he started filming for the 2020 movie, The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. As for now, he's got half a dozen projects lined up to be released already.

Nick Stahl in a movie.

The Stahls were on the set of '388 Arletta Avenue', but only Nick was the actor.
Photo Source: The Terminator Fans

In between, it was widely reported that Stahl had finally filed for divorce from his estranged wife Rose in May 2019. He also insisted there were no assets to be split up and that he would not want to pay spousal support. The verdict's still out on the divorce proceedings.

And as for Rose Stahl herself, she's also got movies lined up, as mentioned above. But whether she will ever be seen with Nick is a question simply unanswerable right now. After all, they had such a history.

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