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Mia Farrow Plastic Surgery, Are the Rumors About Her Procedures True?

kenshinpark Published On Sun Jun 14 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 14 2020
Mia Farrow Plastic Surgery, Are the Rumors About Her Procedures True?

Let's find out about Mia Farrow's rumored plastic surgery.

Mia Farrow was born on February 9, 1945. She is an actress, humanitarian, and former model. She is best known for her role in the television soap opera Peyton Place as Allison Mackenzie. Her debut film was Rosemary's Baby (1968). She got a nomination for BAFTA and Golden Globe Award for Best Artist. In the following year, she appeared in the film, John and Mary. 

The actress continued playing in many well-known movies till the 90s; however, one thing that never changed about her was Mia's face. Her face still looked the same; it did in her early years in a movie career, following which people started to speculate about her plastic surgery. But did she really go under the knife? Let's find out.

Mia Farrow Plastic Surgery

Mia Farrow is an American actress from the 1960s. She is now 75 years old, but people wouldn't believe her age by looking at her face. She looks like she is in her early 40s! Generally, women in their 50s start to have wrinkles or saggy skin.

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But that's not the case with Mia's face. How she gets her youthful look at her age? Is this because of plastic surgery? Some people speculated Mia has had a facelift. Some other people also judged her had lip job and cheek implants. Let's find out what people think about Mia in detail.

Mia Farrow's face comparison

Comparing her picture from her 20s and 60s makes no sense at all, but we did it anyway for the fair judgment. Since people are talking about her plastic surgery, what we can make from this comparison picture is, the actress did opt for plastic surgeries or cosmetic enhancements in the past.

If Mia looks that good in her 60s, then it's a clear giveaway she did use some procedures for her beautiful face. According to the experts, Mia went through multiple procedures for her youthful looks. Some people believe the former actress used lip fillers or implants for her upper lips. If you look at the pictures, her upper lip was not as plump as it is now.

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Furthermore, Farrow may have opted for Botox for her cheeks and area around her eyes as there are hardly any signs of her aging. Not even crow's feet, which is surprising enough. And if you look clearly, her whole jawline and chin seem different in two pictures, while this could be from her age, but, according to people, she corrected her jawline and chin too.

What Mia Farrow Says About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Asking about her plastic surgery procedures makes no sense now, but when she was on her 40s or 50s, she did grab a lot of attention and people's scrutiny for her face. There was not a day she did not face accusations from people about her plastic surgery.

Despite all, Mia Farrow never admitted of going under the knife; in fact, she never addressed such rumors. She put a deaf ear to such stories and never really bothered to answer those questions. Well, it was upto her to answer or not, and celebrities hardly open up about such procedures anyway.

But what we feel is, with plastic surgery or without it, all women should feel beautiful and comfortable. Almost all women use makeup, and some opt for plastic surgeries or cosmetic enhancements. So, no matter what they use or do, they should feel beautiful.

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