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McKayla Maroney Always Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors But People Never Stop Speculating

kenshinpark Published On Tue Jun 16 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 16 2020
McKayla Maroney Always Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors But People Never Stop Speculating

All about McKayla Maroney's plastic surgery.

McKayla Maroney (born McKayla Rose Maroney) is an American retired artistic gymnast and was a member of the American women's gymnastics team. McKayla gained prominence following her Gold Medal win at the 2012 Summer Olympics. 

Moreover, she won the silver medal in the vault event. Maroney was also a member of the gold-winning American team at the 2011 World Championships, where the gymnast bagged gold medals in the team vault competitions.

McKayla defended her World Championships in 2013 and a gold medal again and dubbed herself as the first U.S. female gymnast to defend a World Championship vault title. 

While her short but exceptional career was nothing short of magical, she moved to another career field too soon. However, McKayla still makes rounds of tabloids, but this time around not for her talents but her looks.

McKayla has been on the scrutiny of public's eye for her changing look; many people suspect she has had plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancement procedures. But is it true? Let's find out.

McKayla Maroney's Plastic Surgery Rumors

So, there are plenty of sources claiming the gold medalist gymnast, McKayla Maroney has had plastic surgery following her win in the 2012 Summer Olympic win. While it is quite obvious her features changed, it's not necessary that she went under the knife.

Firsts of all, she was just a kid, and around the age when puberty hits you. So, It's quite obvious her features and other body parts changed when she came of age. But people have opinions about her changing look. here's what people think.

McKayla Maroney's Changing Face

mckayla maroney plastic surgery.

Photo Source: Agency/GF

As obtained from various sources, McKayla did undergo some procedures. So, if you compare the two pictures, one from the earlier year of her career, and the next one is recent. So, given the speculations, and according to our observations too, it seems she did correct her nose.

If you look carefully, she has a trimmer, pointed nose perfectly symmetrical to her face, compared to her old wider nose and its bridge with wider nostrils.

Moreover, even the chin area, if you look at it, you can see its more defined now, compared to what it was. And her lips are plumper too.

What Does McKayla Maroney Say About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Well, McKayla Maroney never really admitted having done plastic surgery or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter but, back in 2012, she addressed all the hate comments she was receiving back then.

Taking to her Instagram account, the former gymnast wrote, "I totally understand why people are upset about me 'changing,' i get it.. but if I can promise you one thing, it's that I will never stop changing. life is all about growing, evolving, and becoming more and more yourself."

mckayla maroney plastic surgery.

Photo Source: Mckayla Maroney Instagram

McKayla continued, "And these last couple years i've done nothing but that! i've finally gotten myself to the point where I know who I am and what I want out life, and you can either love me or hate me for that. either way, I love you, and wish you the best, because to be a real role model is someone who has the courage to be exactly who they are no matter what anyone else thinks.. and if I can inspire one person to live like that, then i've done my job on this planet.#KeepSmiling."

Well, that's enough to know we suppose, but despite this long message, people did not stop putting her on scrutiny. Back in 2016, Life&Style spread the speculations that she might have had a boob job as her then Instagram post suggested it. 

Well, we don't think people are ever going to stop speculating about her procedures and stuff like that. But what's important is, if the person is confident, and loves what they are doing, it doesn't matter if that person had had any plastic surgery or any other cosmetic procedures for that matter. It's all about feeling beautiful from inside-out, which McKayla does!

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