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Did Marie Osmond's Plastic Surgery Fail?

Jessica Published On Sun Jun 28 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 28 2020
Did Marie Osmond's Plastic Surgery Fail?

At sixty, the age-defying Hollywood icon Marie Osmond still looks as if she is on her forties. Secrets behind her beauty are often credited to expensive plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Other than that, the songstress also flaunts a great figure.

But, of course, Osmond prefers to keep her lips sealed when it comes to addressing her plastic surgery speculations other than accepting the fact that she gets skin tightening laser treatment, something she really loves.

However, with our research, here's what we know so far that will clear your doubts. So, what other plastic surgeries did Marie Osmond undergo to get that exquisite face and body? Well, hold your horses before you find out all the answers below.

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Reality

Marie Osmond, a singer that America had never seen before, who would later become one of the biggest phenomena across the globe. Aside from her talents, the hitmaker of In My Little Corner of the World also attracted millions of hearts by her beauty.

Marie Osmond then and now.
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And, throughout the years, Osmond who grew up in front of her million fans, it couldn't be a matter of surprise that her public who have been watching her for years wouldn't be able to point out the minor differences over her physique. Speaking of which, there have been several changes over her looks.

From her skins to other body parts, it's noticeable that Marie relied on plastic surgeries like botox to tighten her wrinkling skin, eyelid surgery to keep her eyes look youthful and browlift to enhance her eyebrow. As a matter of fact, Osmond's eyebrow today noticeably looks darker, sharper, and on fleek.

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In addition, some experts also claim that the mother of eight might also have undergone other extreme plastic surgeries in the likes of nose job, breast augmentation, and facelift. And, whilst some claim the Country singer's plastic surgery has been a disaster, others seem to admire by it.

But, doesn't beauty lie in the eyes of the beholders? Also, whilst Osmond certainly likes to stay quiet as a mouse on the matter, the Donny & Marie star, however, acknowledged on losing 50 Ibs.

Marie Osmond Weight Loss Journey

Yes, Marie Osmond, in her late forties lost a staggering of 50 Ibs aka 22.67 Kg in 2007. She was only 48 and to lose such a heavyweight at that age is definitely a matter of pride and a big accomplishment. But, how was Osmond able to achieve such dramatic weight loss. Is plastic surgery the answer?

Marie Osmond lost 22 KG on Dancing With The Stars.
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Truth be told, the answer is no. Marie herself spoke on her extreme weight loss journey which happened more than a decade ago. However, it wasn't precisely a journey. Well, Osmond was one of the contestants in 2007 on the reality show, Dancing With The Stars.

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Osmond, unfortunately, didn't win the title after her participation on the show for twenty episodes. But, she was a third runner up. Well, needless to say, it was during her time on the show, Osmond lost 50 Ibs from heavy training and dancing session, and not plastic surgery.

And, in her words, Osmond likes to call it, 'Dancing With The Starved!'

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