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Who Is Mae Whitman Dating? How Private Is She with Relationships & Boyfriends?

Sea Published On Sun May 17 2020   Modified On Sun May 17 2020
Who Is Mae Whitman Dating? How Private Is She with Relationships & Boyfriends?

Ever wonder where the little girl who played the daughter of Bill Pullman's President of the United States character in Independence Day is right now? Bet you don't even remember Mae Whitman now. But she's been killing it in the acting industry ever since two years before the movie came out with When Man Loves a Woman.

Whitman was a child actor since the age of six and already has over 150 acting credits as of 2020, with the biggest projects coming with Parenthood and Good Girls while giving voices to several iconic cartoon characters over the years. We're talking 'Batgirl', in Family Guy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' 'April O'Neil'.

However, as outreaching as Whitman is in her professional life, for her romantic life, she's not as open as you'd think. But, while she doesn't tell anyone who her boyfriends have been when she dated them, she does spill some interesting facts about her dating life that you will find shocking.

Mae Whitman Sure Loves Dating Musicians, & She "Might" Be Single

As you can imagine, Whitman is still pretty active when it comes to music, and with shared interests, she did date quite a few musicians in the past, aside from her character falling for a musician in Parenthood too. In an interview with Glamour in October 2014, she spilled the tea on her relationship status and even mentioned her ex-boyfriend. But she was dating someone else at the time and was not revealing him at all.

Mae Whitman and her boyfriend Miles Heizer.

Whitman may or may not be dating Miles Heizer right now.
Photo Source: Mae Whitman, Instagram

First off, her Parenthood co-star Miles Heizer. Some sites claim the two are dating, but the two were strictly just friends (during the interview) and are still connected by music to be hanging out together more often than not. But more than that, during the interview, he was her roommate since 2012. They were really good friends at the time, and it wouldn't be surprising if they are now dating, which is actually so true.

Actors Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman arrive at the NBC And Vanity Fair 2014-2015 TV Season Red Carpet Media Event at HYDE Sunset: Kitchen + Cocktails on September 16, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause have been dating for almost a decade now.
Photo Source: Getty Images/Glamour

Next up, another Parenthood co-star Peter Krause. Wait, isn't he dating another Parenthood co-star Lauren Graham? Yeah, Krause and Graham have been boyfriend-girlfriend of almost a decade. Whitman was even linked to him amidst the ending of the show in 2014/15. But according to Whitman in the interview, "He's my rustic dad."

She Dated Landon Pigg in 2011, But It Coincides with Her Link to Dov Tiefenbach Since 2008

In the same interview with Glamour, Whitman confirmed at least one relationship from the past. Her ex-boyfriend Landon Pigg is also a musician and provided her with assistance in the songs in Parenthood. They were dating in 2011, when he guest-starred in one episode, Mr. Honesty, of the show that year.

The pair seemed to have broken up soon after but did maintain a close friendship with each other. He helped her with every song she sung on the show and also appeared on a small spin-episode Parenthood: Friday Night at the Luncheonette with her.

Actors Landon Pigg and Mae Whitman arrive at the screening of Disney's "Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue" on August 28, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.

Whitman and Pigg apparently were dating in 2010 as well.
Photo Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The 31-year-old also mentioned she was dating a guy in 2014 and that it was a "great relationship", but she was not ready to divulge anything about the then-boyfriend. "I'm pretty secret about that stuff, I guess. I never really care, but I'm pretty secretive. It's a great relationship," she answered.

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Most online sources assumed the guy she was talking about was another musician Dov Tiefenbach, citing that they have been dating since 2008 throughout the time on her show and even after the show until now. But it totally disrupts the timeline where she was dating Pigg and even weirdly linked to Krause.

Mae Whitman and Haley Joel Osment during "The Jungle Book 2" Premiere at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California, United States.

Whitman was linked to Emily Osment's brother as well.
Photo Credit: Jean-Paul Aussenard, WireImage

WhosDatedWho still mentions the two are dating since 2008 for 12 years now. But there's no official report on the claim. One other person who was linked to Whitman was Haley Joel Osment, Emily Osment's brother, back in 2002.

Mae Confessed She Is Attracted to Girls But Never Dated One

During the interview with Glamour, she also mentioned she's dated a lot of guys in the past and is continuously learning something from each of the relationships along the way, following every split. Her type is "constantly changing," but what you wouldn't expect in the interview was her confession to have found girls attractive as well.

Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman.

Whitman also mentions how friendships has also taught her flexibility.
Photo Source: Glamour

Asked if she's ever fallen for a girl or dated one, she answered, "I haven't yet really dated a girl, but there have been numerous girls I'm super attracted to and into. ... I definitely have times where I'm attracted to girls or I'm attracted to who I'm attracted to and that should be the way that it is."

Mae Whitman's Relationship Status in 2020: Probably Definitely Not Single

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the guy she dated in 2014 was also a musician, stating how she had a great affinity for music. But the guy she dating right now is Miles Heizer. Yes, her roommate for years. And he's not a musician. Something happened in between.

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In a recent Instagram Stories post, Whitman tributed Heizer on his birthday on May 16, 2020, writing, "Happy birthday to the love of my life. This is my favorite day of the year," on a photo of him holding their chihuahua. According to one post by Whitman, it seems they celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship in late March 2020, indicating one year of togetherness (the caption said it all).

Who do you think of this?
Photo Source: Mae Whitman, Instagram Stories

So, yeah. It is a non-platonic 'I love you'. There you go. But don't get weirded out that they played siblings in Parenthood. The comment section has been full of it.

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