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K-POP Celebrity Lee Ji-Eun's (IU) All Plastic Surgeries. Learn All The Details Here!!!

Chester Published On Fri Jul 10 2020   Modified On Fri Jul 10 2020
K-POP Celebrity Lee Ji-Eun's (IU) All Plastic Surgeries. Learn All The Details Here!!!

IU Plastic Surgery 

Lee Ji-Eun, known professionally as IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress. IU debuted as a singer at the age of fifteen with her album 'Lost and Found'. Some of the best songs of IU are Good Day, Twenty-three, You and I, and many more. Talking about her acting career, her best performances are in 'Hotel del Luna' in 2019, 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' in 2016, and 'My Mister' in 2018.

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IU, who is also known as Drama Queen has received many awards and nominations, including Song of the Year at both the 3rd Melon Music Awards and the 9th Korean Music Awards for her single "Good Day". And for her acting, she got KBS Drama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and many more.

The 27-year-old actress is speculated to undergo the knife. Did IU get plastic surgery? Let's find out.

IU Nose Job

IU plastic surgery is one of the most talked among South Korean celebrities. This gorgeous actress was reported to get beauty enhancement with plastic surgery. As we know, nose work (Rhinoplasty) is so well known in South Korea, the actress is also believed to have gone through it.

IU before and after Rhinoplasty

IU before and after Rhinoplasty
Image Source: latest plastic surgery

"My Mister" actress is accounted to use this procedure to reshape her previous nose. If we compare to the before and after surgery photographs, we can see the result of the surgeon's work. We can see her nose, now, looks more pointy than before and the bridge is more visible. Before her nose was small and flat somehow it changes into pointy after this procedure. This procedure somehow has improved her overall appearance.

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As we know, beauty standards are high in South Korea. Because of this, many celebrities undergo plastic surgery. So, its quite understandable that IU chooses to undergo the knife. Nevertheless, she has never admitted that she has experienced plastic surgery instead she says that's because of high makeup.

IU Eyelid Surgery

If you look carefully at the gorgeous actress's face, it is clear to notice that there have been slight changes in her eyes. So, there is a high possibility of getting eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty).

IU before and after Eyelid Surgery

IU before and after Eyelid Surgery
Image Source: Koreaboo

Nose work is not the only procedure she went through. Many people claimed that she went through eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). In comparison with her before and after photographs, it's seen that she had a closed eye before where her eyes now appear wider and shiny. This procedure without a doubt made 'Good Day' singer's eyes look fresher than before.

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The actress/singer hasn't commented on the rumors yet rather she is more concentrated towards her career. It's quite common to ignore the rumors among celebrities that undergo plastic surgery. However, their photographs (before and after) always speak for themselves. Other Korean celebrities, Sandara Park and Baekhyun EXO are additionally showing up better with plastic surgery. Check out and let us know what are your thoughts on them?

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