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All The Facts You Should Know About Lee Chae-rin (CL) Plastic Surgery

Chester Published On Sun Jul 19 2020   Modified On Sun Jul 19 2020
All The Facts You Should Know About Lee Chae-rin (CL) Plastic Surgery

Know All The Details About Lee Chae-rin Plastic Surgery

CL plastic surgery has been an open conversation theme since not many past years. CL whose genuine name is Lee Chae-rin was supposed to get a few minor plastic surgery methodologies, particularly on her facial region.

CL demanded that she didn't have any plastic surgery procedure system. However, it isn't that simple to cause the general population to accept when there is a huge change on her face. Numerous individuals accepted that CL went under the blade for enhancing her beauty. What she has got? Let's find out 

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

CL is only one of 2NE1 (Sout Korean girl group) individuals who were connected with the nose work. CL herself has been connected with the nose work since she showed up with an alternate nose shape on certain events.

CL before and after Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

CL before and after Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
Image Source: Plastic Surgery Kpop

In the event that you investigate CL's before and after surgery photographs, you can see that before plastic surgery she used to have bulbous and flat nose shape. However, after plastic surgery, it changes into slimmer than she used to. 

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Nevertheless, the South Korean rapper who was born on February 26, 1991, shows up increasingly wonderful and more confident after doing Rhinoplasty.

Eyelid Surgery 

In different hypotheses, it says that she has likewise gotten eyelid surgery. It is likewise obvious from her photos that the eyes of CL appear to be so changed from what they used to resemble.

CL after Eyelid Surgery

CL after Eyelid Surgery
Image Source: Fanpop

As we know, in South Korea eyelid surgery is a typical methodology picked by plastic surgery patients. A significant number of them need to get greater eyes to look, getting away from their inclined eye qualities. So does 29-years-old rapper, who was reputed to get the eyelid medical procedure to reshape her eyelids. 

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Nevertheless, she denies all the plastic surgery procedures she went through.

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