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Experts Believe LeAnn Rimes Has Had Many Subtle Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Enhancements

kenshinpark Published On Sun Jul 12 2020   Modified On Sun Jul 12 2020
Experts Believe LeAnn Rimes Has Had Many Subtle Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Enhancements

LeAnn Rimes (born Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian) is an American singer/songwriter, actress, and author; LeAnn is best known for her debut song, 'Blue,' at the age of 13. The song, which was the remake version of Bill Mack's, helped her become the youngest music star.

Talking about her acting career, the actress stepped into the showbiz industry following her relationship with Andrew Keegan. After she moved to Los Angeles, Cali in 1998, she played in the TV movie, 'Holiday in Heart,' for which LeAnn won the 'Rising Star' award from the 'Lone Star Film & Television Awards.'

Following that, the actress has been making her appearances (big and small) quite often. We hope we don't need to emphasize her musical and acting career, as we all know how talented she is, let's talk about her rumors.

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LeAnn has been speculated of going under the knife. It's quite obvious for celebrities, especially for females, they come under the scrutiny of people for their look. They are often speculated to have had plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements, but is it true for LeAnn Rimes? Let's find out.

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery

As we mentioned earlier, female celebrities' often come under scrutiny for their looks. LeAnn Rimes has been speculated to change many features, however, minor about her looks.

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery.

Photo Source: Plastic Person

Life&Style Magazine asked for the opinion of experts for her possible cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery, during which experts claimed she has in fact gone under the knife.

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According to dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg, the actress looks younger now. Dr. Gary said, "She looks better now than she did when she was younger. I would add just a touch of volume to her lips. I would not do anything differently on her,” he says. “She is aging well. She still looks great!"

What Other Experts Think of LeAnn Rimes' Plastic Surgery

Different experts have different opinions for LeAnn Rimes' plastic surgery. According to Dr. Ryan Neinstein, the actress enhanced some features.

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery/

Photo Source: Life&Style

Dr. Ryan said, "She has subtly enhanced her features with age. She seems to be using Botox to keep a soft, gentle, age-appropriate look."

While Dr. Josef Hadeed said, "In the earlier photo, LeAnn has excess skin under her eyes," so, he suspects the actress has had eyelid surgery, and also believe she had filler injections in her lip areas.

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