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Details of Lara Spencer's Plastic Surgery & Hip Replacement Surgery

Sea Published On Thu Jun 18 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 18 2020
Details of Lara Spencer's Plastic Surgery & Hip Replacement Surgery

Amid all the game show hosts and presenters, Lara Spencer is someone who crosses your mind, literally. You may not remember her that often, but she's made her mark in the industry.

Best known as the co-anchor for ABC's Good Morning America, you should know she was a competitive diver from a young age. With a scholarship for springboard and platform diving, she got her broadcast journalism degree. So yeah, two for two.

However, the sport has some effects on the body of the athlete. And so it did on Spencer. In response, she had to undergo a hip replacement surgery, something a woman of her age rarely do. But she has her statistics report to back her up.

The Plastic Surgery Rumors That Plague Lara Spencer

Yes, aside from the hip replacement surgery, there are a few plastic surgery rumors going around here and there. Oh, just some things that people assume for every other celebrity there are. And yeah, she has not yet discussed these rumors, but there's not many reasons to do so anyway.

Lara Spencer attending the Junior Tennis Programme in 2016.

Naturally unnatural for her age.
Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin, WireImage

First things, she's suspected of having had a tummy tuck following the birth of her two kids to get a taut stomach. But it's a body of an athlete. No speculations there for it.

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And for the regular rumors, she's said to have had Botox and a facelift to keep her face young. Yeah, every time a celebrity appears in public with something new on their face, Botox and fillers are the occasional assumptions. In Spencer's case, there's no basis of proof.

Spencer Says Her "Genetic Predisposition" Forced Her for the Surgery at a Younger Age Than Normal

In August 2016, she announced on her Good Morning America show that she was getting a hip replacement surgery the following weekend. She'd been diagnosed with hip dysplasia during a routine doctor appointment. She said she felt the need to share she was getting it because of the stereotype that the surgery is often for elderly people or the physically disabled.

Lara Spencer during 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, United States, in 2006.

Yeah, it was not because she wanted a celebrity look.
Photo Credit: Gregg DeGuire, WireImage

She also fact-checked that about 10% of hip replacement surgeries are chosen by people under the age of 50 years old, and she was one of them at 47. She is set to be 51 just at the time of writing this.

"It took me a long time," Spencer said in her morning piece. "In my head, I'm 27, so I really waited for a long time before I did anything about it, or told anybody, because it sounds like it's an old person's problem, and I just couldn't believe it."

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"This is not easy, but I think it's really important to deal with whatever issue comes your way," she continued. "If you don't talk about it, you can't fix it, so I'm happy if I can save one person from not having to go through the pain."

Watch: Lara Spencer Talks about Her Upcoming Hip Replacement Surgery

After the segment, she discussed her upcoming surgery and the fear that came along with it, mentioning she had a genetic predisposition to the hip ailment.

"Of course I'm terrified," Spencer told her fellow co-anchors. "I'm terrified. It was embarrassing to share, but then I realized there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I have a genetic predisposition to this, but if you're athletic and you move, it's happening younger and younger."

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"The pain is so chronic," Spencer continued. "I just want to say to anybody out there who suffers with chronic pain: I feel you. It takes over your life. It affects you emotionally, mentally, physically. You cannot sleep. It's hard to think about. It's gnawing at you all the time. And what I wish I would have done is just taken care of this sooner."

She was one of the fastest healers of the surgery.
Photo Source: Lara Spencer Instagram

She took her courage up and replaced her right hip on August 13, 2016. And she says she wasn't put out during the entire operation as they needed her to walk a little three hours later. The rehabilitation generally takes three to six months, and she was quick to heal. She'd been doing great even a month after the surgery.

She'd been sharing her story ever since.

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