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K-pop Fans Takes Over ‘White Lives Matter’ to Flood ‘Racism’

Chester Published On Thu Jun 04 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 04 2020
K-pop Fans Takes Over ‘White Lives Matter’ to Flood ‘Racism’

The Korean pop (K-pop) fans have taken over by posting pictures and videos of their favorite celebrities with #WhiteLivesMatter.

Utilization of the tag had expanded as a response to #BlackLivesMatter movement, with numerous banners opposing or criticising the protests.The term started to be more trending on twitter after k-pop fans overwhelmed the photos and videos with hashtag. People are even coming up with numerous new tags such as #AllLivesMatter, #BluelivesMatter and more.

#BlueLivesMatter has also increassed in popularity which is usually used in support of police and also by people caring about others during the pandemic. The lead rapper of boy band BTS, Namjoon also shared his thoughts on #WhitelivesMatter. Here watch it for yourself and tell us what you think.

Similarly here watch another trending tweet the K-Pop artist posted to support love for George,

The K-Pop fans have been very clear that they want to remove the racist and offensive posts by flooding vidioes and memes with tags.

Incase you dont know what all this hashtags are all about, it basically started when people released a video showing Africa-American George Floyd being arrested by Minneapolis police.

In the footage, a white cop is seen consistently kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck even after he begs that he cant breathe. The black people in America has always sruggled one way or another but after Mr Floyds death it has sparkled a huge protest against racism and killing of black Americans.

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Charges have been declared against each of the four of the cops present during the demise of Mr Floyd. Tapping on the #WhiteLivesMatter hashtag now shows a huge number of K-pop posts and messages of support for the US protestors. 

On Tuesday, the #BlackLivesMatter tag was largely used, as numerous people posted a plain dark square in suppritng the social media "blackout" campaign.

Activist advised all the protestors to use #BlackOutTuesday instead as the large amount of posts with #BlackLivesMatter made it difficult for people to see updates and new information regarding the protest.  

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