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Katy Perry Releases the Single 'Daisies', But Taylor Swift Isn't Included Amid Teasers

Sea Published On Fri May 15 2020   Modified On Fri May 15 2020
Katy Perry Releases the Single 'Daisies', But Taylor Swift Isn't Included Amid Teasers

Despite fueling speculations herself, Katy Perry's new single 'Daisies' doesn't have anything to do with Taylor Swift.

Fans have continuously pitted Katy Perry against Taylor Swift, alleging their respective songs Swish, Swish and Bad Blood were dishes at each other. And when signs lighted up again and again that Perry may be including Swift's voice in her new single Daisies, everyone was more than excited for the release. They may have all been disappointed.

Why did their fans think she was thinking of it? For one thing, American Idol's Twitter account previously mentioned how Daisies would be worthy of being played 1989 times. And Taylor also wore a sweater knitted with the flowers in the song title. However, the biggest thing they took from the release of the song was how they 100% heard Taylor's voice blended with Katy's in the chorus.

When the Roar singer was confronted about a possible collaboration with Taylor, she did not confirm or deny the speculations, stating, "You're just gonna have to tune in to Idol next week to see all rumors, true or false."

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There will be some things she might address when American Idol returns this Sunday, but it doesn't seem like Taylor Swift's voice is in the song at all. There might have been a teasing autotune in there to make her fans think so too. But more importantly, Swift was not included as an artist for the song in the credits. Is there a surprise coming on, though? And where are they in their feud?

On a different note, fans think the debut of her song is a debut to an impending fifth album or a Summer EP as well. But the kind of vibe she gave with the song doesn't lean too much into it. (Although, you might argue with Roar and Firework.) It's a very personal one as she bares her baby bump in the music video.

It's kind of a lifting-your-spirits up song, which is now the most-needed moment, so give it a listen.

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