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Katie Price's Plastic Surgery, Doctors Warn Her of Brain Damage If She Continues With Her Plans

kenshinpark Published On Fri Jun 19 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 19 2020
Katie Price's Plastic Surgery, Doctors Warn Her of Brain Damage If She Continues With Her Plans

All About Katie Price's Plastic Surgery.

Katie Price (born Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield) is an English media personality, model, businesswoman, author, and singer. She is mostly recognized for her modeling career in 1996.

 Katie has appeared on Page 3 in British media such as 'The Sun' and 'The Daily Star.' She debuted her TV career from a cameo role as herself in the TV dramas like 'Dream Team' and 'Footballer Wives' in 2004.

Apart from TV appearances, she also released a fitness DVD back in 2005, 'The Jordan Workout,' featuring 'The Juice Master.' Apart from that, she has her hands in a wide range of things. Katie launched a range of nutrition supplements; she also established herself in the publishing industry and was in the top 100 best selling authors of the decade for book sales between 2000 and 2009.

We hope you all are aware of her achievements on her career fields, and she is the most recognizable person in Britain. But Katie, we saw her in her modeling days is not the same when it comes to her look. Katie has had plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures a number of times.

Katie Price Plastic Surgery

So, Katie Price has open about her plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements. Back in 2019, The Sun published an article documenting all the changes Katie has gone thru.

katie price plastic surgery.

Before and After:
Photo Source: Agency/GF

As the media outlet suggests, Katie, who was featured on the Sun Page 3 in 1996, first did her boob job in 1999. She enhanced her breast from 32B bust to 32DD. Then the series of cosmetic procedures started.

In 2006, she supposedly goes under the knife for rhinoplasty as her nose seemed slimmer and more defined. Following the model is suspected of having used Botox for her face. 

In 2016, Katie used fillers for her lips and more Botox for her face as the media outlet suggest, she showed off the fuller lip on a TV appearance, while her face also appeared smoother and shinier.

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In 2018, The model then started to look completely unrecognizable. Her face lost all the charm due, and she became a prime example of 'plastic surgery gone wrong.' Her eyes seemed like they could barely see, her lips were disasters, and her whole face seemed something off about it.

Katie Price Had a Facelift in 2019

So after a number of procedures, which did not seem to be working for Katie Price, she had a facelift to correct the previous mistakes. Katie made a trip to Turkey to receive extensive surgery, during which she did lipo, facelift, and Brazilian bum lift.

katie price plastic surgery.

Photo Source: The Sun

But again, all that hard work was all in vain. In fact, it got worse; her new look caused people to dub her 'the Bride of Wildenstein.' So, she went back to Turkey again in August of 2019 and underwent a facelift and boob reduction. 

The Sun was able to capture her post-surgery pictures, which is, for sure, is not a pleasant sight to see. Since she has not updated her fans how her face looks like now after it has healed, we assume it is something bearable now. But if she continues to do so, Katie Price could risk brain damage, a skin-eating disease, and even death if she continues with her plans to have even more plastic surgery, an expert has warned.  

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