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Kaley Cuoco Doesn't Regret Plastic Surgery at All

Sea Published On Wed May 06 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 11 2020
Kaley Cuoco Doesn't Regret Plastic Surgery at All

Remember the part where 'Penny' gets 'Sheldon' do yoga because he thought she said 'Yoda'? Yeah, we've seen yoga involved in The Big Bang Theory more than once. But that's not the only thing Kaley Cuoco does to remain young and timeless.

The 34-year-old has been one of the top ladies on television in terms of both acting abilities and as far as physical beauty goes and has been there for years now. But let's be honest, no one can stay on top forever. A little cosmetic surgery might prolong one's career.

And while denying or hiding plastic surgery rumors in the entertainment industry isn't so uncommon, Cuoco doesn't find it so bad just to openly talk about it. For her, the reasons to take plastic surgery into consideration doesn't have to be the industry pushing it. She's done it for herself.

Kaley Cuoco Says Plastic Surgery Is the "Best Thing I Ever Did"

In the cover story for the December 2016 issue of Women's Magazine, Kaley Cuoco surprised everyone by revealing that she'd gone under the knife on multiple occasions to enhance her beauty in the past. In fact, she says she isn't ashamed of talking about plastic surgeries and doesn't regret any of the procedures she's done.

Kaley Cuoco has had nose surgery and breast implants

Kaley Cuoco before (left) and after (right) her nose job and breast implants. 
Source: Daily Dumpling

The 8 Simple Rules star told that years ago, she had her nose as well as her breasts done. Additionally, she also opened up about a line in her neck that she covers up with fillers since she was 12.

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"Years ago, I had my nose done," she casually tells the publication. "And my boobs — best thing I ever did. Recently I had a filler in a line in my neck I've had since I was 12."

Kaley Cuoco has done nose job and breast implants

Kaley Cuoco's pictures before and after cosmetic surgeries.
Source: Pinterest

And the reason, well, it's as simple as that. She wants herself to feel confident and amazing. "As much as you want to love your inner self... I'm sorry, you also want to look good," she continued. "I don't think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that's amazing."

Well, if that floats your boat, then what can anyone do about it!

Her Love for Yoga Contributes to Her Fitness & Abs

Kaley Cuoco does have aid from artificial cosmetics, but to credit her beauty entirely upon plastic surgery would also be wrong. Truth be told, it needs a lot more than that to gain the timelessness. For that, firstly, she does extreme workouts to maintain weight and stay in top shape. 

The award-winning star is aware she is no longer young and therefore makes a workout plan for her exercises. But to get those abs, running isn't something she does. She hates it, by the way.

Check out the clip of Kaley Cuoco's intense workout at the gym!

Secondly, she has a diet plan of which the first rule is to eat as less as she can. Her diet has become an essential part of her life now and says, working out, and eating is part of her day.

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And last but not least, yoga has become a big part of her healthy lifestyle. And it's the biggest part of her life so far. "I tried spinning, I tried running, I tried yoga, I tried Pilates," she told Women's Health Magazine in the aforementioned interview. "I realized I don't like running…I refuse to do it. I like spinning, so I try to mix that in. When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing."

'Penny' and 'Sheldon' doing a Yoga pose of 'The Big Bang Theory'.

The significance of this scene is way more than just TV for Cuoco.
Photo Source: The Big Bang Theory, CBS

Now, the CorePower Yoga classes are her favorite. But don't worry, she too doesn't feel like working out first thing in the morning, right after she rolls out of bed. "Sometimes do I want to get up in the morning and do it?" she says. "No. But when I get out, I feel like a million bucks."

"Bottom line is, you know, I'm not 21 anymore," she concludes. "It used to be so easy, I didn't have to do as much. Now, it's part of my day — working out is part of my day, eating right is part of my day."

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