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What Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Think of Plastic Surgery?

Sea Published On Mon Jun 15 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 15 2020
What Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Think of Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery isn't uncommon in the entertainment industry (like that's a new thing). And when celebrities get hurt by vicious comments accusing them of a lot of it, they do come out of the shell to combat the rumors, with confessions or a vicious hook in return.

However, The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe showed up some actual hurt on the screens to shut down (kind of) the rumors. She. Was. Hurt. So much so that she was feeling like bringing beautiful innocent children into the world.

Looks like that's not happening just yet since the engagement with The Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth ended last year. There was a big hope for the pair as they were so looking forward to getting married and have babies. But the priority was the baby. She is dating Jason Tartick from Becca Kufrin's season.

A Lot of Mean Plastic Surgery Comments But Kaitlyn Bristowe Says She's Only 25% Different

Since the end of The Bachelorette Season 11, there has been a lot of before and after plastic surgery rumor pictures of Kaitlyn Bristowe on the internet. But a lot of the comments against obviously come literally in the comment section, and many of them are really mean.

 TV personalities Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe attend the AOL BUILD Speaker Series presentation of: "After the Final Rose" at AOL Studios in New York on July 29, 2015 in New York City.

Everyone thought they would walk the mile after the engagement.
Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

"Love the lip injections," reads one of the sarcastic comments on her Instagram photo. Another fan tweeted, "How much plastic surgery have you had? You look way older and the blond hair is also making you look old."

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After that aforementioned confession of her feelings, some doctor apparently broke down what she looks to have done, without claiming she really did it. Dermatologist Gary Goldenberg told Life and Style Mag in 2018 that she shows "signs of cheek fillers, skin brightening, lip plumpers, Botox, and even a non-surgical neck and chin lift."

However, this little moment is what people missed when she came with her own before and after photos, although not intended like that. Not that she's claiming she's had 25% of plastic surgery in 2019, she does hint she's changed by that much since the time the before-photo was last taken.

Bristowe Neither Confirms Nor Denies Plastic Surgery with a Teary Face

Yes, she'd had enough. But she only did the hitting back at the critics once, but this was for both plastic surgery and the constant cyberbullying she received.

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"I'm crying," she wrote over the photo of her on Snapchat, literally crying in September 2016. "Not because people tell me I'm not beautiful anymore, say I get too much Botox, and ask wtf happened to my face. I'm crying because the world we live in makes me not want to bring beautiful innocent children into it. And that kills me."

But it seems, it was after this that the plastic surgery rumors really started. Either way, fuller lips and smooth skin rarely happens naturally. And if it is what she claims her face to be, there's no reason you can't admire her beauty that comes with whatever cosmetic changes she gets.

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