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Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery: Why Curtis Felt She Looked Worse Than Before?

Jessica Published On Sun Jun 07 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 07 2020
Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery: Why Curtis Felt She Looked Worse Than Before?

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis underwent plastic surgery and isn't scared to address it, unlike the other celebrities who usually try to hide the truth with lies. Curtis herself admitted publicly in interviews on having relying on plastic surgery.

Through digging her stories on the reasons Curtis decided to undergo plastic surgery, we learn that even the actresses like her can fall upon the victim of bullies for the certain way they look.

Jamie Lee Curtis, likewise, decided to undergo plastic surgery after she was in a situation that 'mortified' her after hearing a terrible comment that hindered her confidence. In consequence, after the words got under her skin, Curtis relied on plastic surgery. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Caused By 'That' Comment

According to an article by the Telegraph published in 2001, Jamie Lee Curtis was left 'mortified' ten years ago on the set of a movie where the cameramen insisted to film her because of her puffiness eyes.

Jamie Lee Curtis had botox and liposuction.
Source: Pinterest

Before her surgery, Curtis's old pictures clearly signify huge eye bags formed under her eye area which is comparatively not in the sights anymore today. Jamie indeed had her first cosmetic plastic surgery to remove the fats from her under eye area.

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On the other hand, this is not the only time Jamie underwent plastic surgery as she also went to have more procedures in the likes of botox to fix her wrinkle lines and more liposuction to get rid of fat in the tummy area.

Curtis, however, today isn't a fan of plastic surgeries. Also, after her plastic surgeries, Jamie claimed she looked even 'worse' than she ever did before. "And there is this illusion that once you do it, then you'll be fine. And that's just horseshit," said Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis in her youth and today.
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But, that wasn't the worst thing that happened to Curtis because of plastic surgery.

Jamie Lee Curtis Struggled With Drugs Addiction

After getting her plastic surgery, Jamie Lee Curtis began taking painkillers. But, the medication affected her health in such a negative manner that the Halloween actress began struggling with opiates.

Though Curtis addiction to drugs and alcohol was also hereditary since her deceased father Tony Curtis and brother Nicholas Curtis were also a victim of drug abuse. Curtis' brother died at a young age of 21 from a heroin overdose.

Not to mention, Curtis and her father have also used drugs together. But, the matter got so worse to the point that she was stealing drugs from her friends and family. And, it wasn't until ten years later, the secret of Curtis's drug abuse finally prevailed.

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Even her husband Christopher Guest wasn't aware of Curtis' opiate addiction. But, in 1999, the mother of two was enjoying life again after she became sober from drug addiction. And, not just drugs, Jamie Lee Curtis also never want to be near another plastic surgery.

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