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How Long Have YouTubers Haley Pham and Fiance Ryan Trahan Been Dating?

Sea Published On Tue May 19 2020   Modified On Fri May 22 2020
How Long Have YouTubers Haley Pham and Fiance Ryan Trahan Been Dating?

How many of you are excited right now? Yeah, probably every single subscriber on Haley Pham's, Ryan Trahan's and The Traphamily YouTube channel. But right now, only their mediocre (comparative to their YouTube subscriber-count) number of followers on Instagram know of the big deal.

Trahan dropped out of college to be a YouTuber and met his girlfriend Pham on the way. The two regularly feature on each other's YouTube channels despite having a common channel for the two. And since the beginning of their relationships, people have been quizzing them over and over again on whether or not they will be married or start a family by themselves.

They've moved into their new home together for months now, so why not? Your wishes have been heard. And it came as a complete surprise.

Haley Pham and Ryan Trahan Are Recently Engaged! But Some Don't Believe It

One of YouTube's most adored couples, Haley Pham and Ryan Trahan announced, on their respective Instagram pages on May 18, 2020, that they got engaged with a big surprise on her. And this was less than a day after Pham uploaded a video saying "getting married" was in their couple's bucket list. They even discussed possible adoption and starting a family.

Well, Pham and Trahan are officially engaged.
Photo Source: Haley Pham, Instagram

The announcement was on the morning of May 18, and it's hard to tell if it is sunset or morning in the photo. The date of engagement would be May 17 if it is sunset and May 18 if it's morning. But that's beside the point. It came as a complete shock to those who even wanted them to get hitched.

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However, there were quite a few skeptics at the beginning of their announcements. Haley later convinced her fans that it was real in the Stories section.

Watch: There's a Bunch of Relationship Q&A Videos from Them

There's another video by Haley where she mentions all her plans for the future in a rapid-fire answer.

Haley and Ryan Have Been Dating Since Late 2018, and Moved in Six Months into Their Relationship

One video from Haley on March 1, 2019, probably sums up their relationship to that point. They were "moving in" (a little semantics in the phrase) at the time and discussed the period of time they maintained their long-distance relationship.

Haley and Ryan have been dating for one and a half years now.
Photo Source: Ryan Trahan, Instagram

About six months into dating at the time, Haley and Ryan started their relationship around September/October 2018 when she was living with her mother in an apartment after having sold their home. The two decided to share an apartment complex in late April 2019. They just became neighbors in the same building.

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For those five months, they maintained a long distance relationship; she was living in Texas and he in Florida. They visited each other once a month but stayed together for two weeks when they did. And then, Haley assures he was going to propose in two years. That happened a year earlier that said.

Watch: They Announce They're Moving into the Same Apartment Complex

The two were house-hunting in August 2019 and really bought one in late October 2019, one year into their relationship. So you know they got serious so fast. They were thinking of getting dogs together for a long time. And with one already, names Spock, they have plans for more.

YouTube subscribers and social media followers have practically seen the two move on, step-by-step, and accordingly, it seems like they've been together for years and not really moving things too quickly. What the future really holds, only time will tell. Pham's dream honeymoon is in the Maldives, by the way.

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