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'Glee' Star Heather Morris' Struggle with Plastic Surgery

Sea Published On Fri Jul 03 2020   Modified On Fri Jul 03 2020
'Glee' Star Heather Morris' Struggle with Plastic Surgery

Yeah, Heather Morris, where to start. She's only ever known for her the musical dramedy Glee and, of course, So You Think You Can Dance. And quite recently, she's been one of those to slam Lea Michele with the Gives You Hell feelings for her actions on set.

Morris played 'Brittany "Cheerio" Pierce' in the hit show, a ditzy cheerleader of sorts (you get the kind). And during her days in the show, she was having the best time of her famed life. Of course, with her beauty and all.

Accordingly, the star met with a lot of talk in the tabloids about possible plastic surgery for her improving figure and beauty. It was all light and low-profile until it became a little too much for her. There were so many of those comments and comparison instances. Here's how it went.

Heather Morris Furiously Denied Plastic Surgery Rumors, Initially

Let's wind back to 2011, when the plastic surgery rumors were raging more than ever. With all the talk around, she felt it was high time she shut them all down.

Brittany (Heather Morris) dreams of being Britney Spears in the "Britney/Brittany" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Sept. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Her character really wanted to be Britney Spears in the episode she herself appeared.
Photo Source: FOX Image Collection

In an interview with American Cheerleader Magazine in February that year, she was a little too forceful while denying all those rumors, especially boob job. And she insists it was her lingerie that highlighted her assets.

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"Not that I need to clear this up, but I did think it was funny when there was a picture taken where I had a great bra on and they said I got a boob job because I was famous now," she says. "I was like, 'What?' "

Heather Morris making an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, the photo that sparked the plastic surgery rumors.

The photo that sparked the boob job rumors.
Photo Source: PA

This changed in a few months though, as she did come back to change her statement. However, her confession also says she did not have any plastic surgery on her entire body "at that time".

One of the Regrets: Morris' Boob Job Became Too Sore for Her

Like many, Heather Morris too initially wanted some form of plastic surgery to meet up to the standards of the industry. And she thought of one and even went ahead of it. But it proved to be too much for her to handle that particular procedure.

Heather Morris featuring on Fitness Magazine.

Heather Morris was so into fitness in those days too.
Photo Source: Fitness Magazine

In another magazine interview with Fitness in September 2011, she made a sudden confession about having breast implants early on in her career. But it was too painful for her and wore her down almost every time. So between she had them removed earlier that year, the "when" of it is unknown.

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"Implants were something I thought I wanted when I was younger, and now I don't," Morris . "It was hard being active with them, because my chest was always sore. It hurt a lot, and I didn't like always being in pain, so they had to go!"

Heather Morris poses for a photo during a portrait session at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California, on September 28, 2010.

Yeah, she had them for a while once.
Photo Credit: Munawar Hosain, Fotos International via Getty Images

At the time, she was still in the dating phase with now-husband Taylor Hubbell. And in the same interview, she'd professed that she loved her boyfriend so much that she would give acting if that's what it takes to marry him. Lucky for her, she didn't need to give it up.

The two are happily married with two more kids with them. So yeah, she isn't in need of plastic surgery to have a happy life. Although, being in her 30s, she may choose to. But that's for a later discussion.

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