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Everything about Plastic Surgery Hazel E Has Been Open About

Chester Published On Wed May 20 2020   Modified On Wed May 20 2020
Everything about Plastic Surgery Hazel E Has Been Open About

Grab all the details of the reality star, actress, entrepreneur, and rapper Hazel-E's plastic surgery details. 

Many of you might recognize Aria Tiffany Adams aka Hazel E from the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, while some might from her hip hop hustle with some of the major musical talent such as Gnarls Barkley, Tank, and Soulja Boy.

Over the time, the rapper Hazel's plastic surgery discussion has been a trending subject drawing lots of gossips and rumors, leaving fans anxious about the fact, so here we present you with all the facts behind Hazel's plastic surgery rumors.

Hazel E is Open About His Plastic Surgery

Hazel transformation over the years.

Hazel transformation over the years.
Image Source: Hot New Hiphop

Yes, Hazel is open about all the surgery she went under. She exclusively mentioned and informed her fans on Instagram, that she went under breast augmentation, lip fillers, lip fillers, and nose jobs.

So it's a sure thing that Hazel went under the knife, so below we present you with all the other transformations she went under.

Hazel E Went for Breast Reduction

E's 'Before' and 'After' breast reduction.

Aria's 'Before' and 'After' breast reduction.
Image Source: Plasticsurgerypro 

As stated by the reality star herself, she shared that on her 35th birthday, she underwent breast reduction surgery on her birthday.

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The main reason why she went under breast reduction was due to her large chest drawing her tons of attention than required, in a sexual way mostly. So to get the 'eyes off' of her, Hazel decided to her go for the reduction back in 2015. However, the former LHH star is yet to share if she had any implants before.

Did Adams Go For Butt Implants?

Hazel always had those bootylicious curves.

Hazel always had those bootylicious curves.
Image Source: Instagram

Though the Pop My Butt hitmaker is open about all the surgical procedures she underwent, she never shared going for butt injections for her luscious booty.

And accounting it to her weight and the healthy figure she always carried, despite some enhancements she did later, we assume Hazel's buttocks is natural, and she did not go under any procedure. 

Hazel E Had Rhinoplasty, & Veneer Change Following a Bike Accident

Snippet of Aria while undergoing facial surgery.
Image Source: hotnewhiphop

Rapper Hazel claims that a bike accident back in 2015 in Dubai obliged her to go for rhinoplasty (nose surgery). The terrible incident left her in all bruises and damaged her facial structures as she lost her four front teeth.

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So, in order to get rid of her scattered facial structure, she went for skin tightening, cool sculpting, and laser treatments. Moreover, Hazel opted for nose surgery and covered her four teeth with dental veneers.

Hazel E's Lip Injections

Hazel Before and After Lip suction.

Hazel Before and after Lip injection.
Image Source: Celebs Plastic

It's still unsure if Hazel E underwent lip surgery due to her accident or not, but her lip injections are a sure thing.

As you can see, Hazel's image back from 2010 and 2020 has some drastic changes as Hazel's upper and lower lips, which seem thicker. Anyway, the Say So hitmaker agrees she went through with it.

We hope you enjoyed the article, stay tuned for more Plastic Surgery on Celebs Gazette.