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Harry Styles Reveals What He Would Tell His 16-Year-Old Self

Chester Published On Tue May 26 2020   Modified On Tue May 26 2020
Harry Styles Reveals What He Would Tell His 16-Year-Old Self

Harry Styles testimonies what he would tell to his 16 years old if he got a chance to go 'Back to the Past'.

The former One Direction star Harry Styles who's just 26 shared what he would tell his younger version if he got a chance to share about some life experiences. 

The Watermelon Sugar hitmaker shared his feelings to NPR magazine when asked about what Harry would suggest to his younger self.

Styles new album 'Fine Line' Cover.

Styles new album 'Fine Line' Cover.
Image Source: Instagram

The 'Sign of the Times' hitmaker replied,

I guess like ‘Don’t worry.’ In the early years, I spent a lot of time worrying about what would happen and getting things wrong and saying the wrong thing and doing the wrong thing. I’m trying to let go of the worrying thing, and that’s what I’ve loved the most about this album, rather than the first one.

The Adore you hitmaker added, “I think I had a lot of fear — whether it was conscious or subconsciously — just about getting it wrong,” he said. “When I listen back to the first album now, although I still love it so much, I feel like I was almost bowling with the bumpers up a little bit. I can hear places where I was playing it safe.”

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As you've been following him then you might remember that Styles gained early fame which was from the musical show The X Factor. His mother was the one who filled the form despite Harry was still hesitating if it was a right choice or not. 

But he rocked the stage singing a beautiful rendition of Stevie Wonder's classic, "Isn't She Lovely". Although Harry didn't make it to the #1 spot, Judge Simon Cowell says something in the boys Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson and former One Direction. 

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Despite all the ups and downs Style and his band had to face, precisely in 2016, Harry surely has matured and improved his musical styles. This can be well articulated in his two solo albums (2017) Harry Styles and (2019) Fine Line. 

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