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Hannah Ann Sluss's Story of Plastic Surgery, Specifically Breast Augmentation

Sea Published On Tue Jun 16 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 16 2020
Hannah Ann Sluss's Story of Plastic Surgery, Specifically Breast Augmentation

The Bachelor loses all meanings after each season with the winning couple barely remain together after some time. And every year, the time the couples last has shortened. And the shortest one, kind of, came in the last season, Peter Weber's.

Hannah Ann Sluss won the Season 24 rendition of 'The Bachelor', but the engagement didn't last so long as when the airing of the finale came around, Weber was with Madison Prewett at the reunion — despite that walking out thing. But yeah, that confirmation literally lasted two days.

Hannah Ann Sluss in a Maroon two-piece bikini.

Hannah has had one plastic surgery, but she did say it was her first. So...
Photo Source: Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram

Either way, Sluss had a lot to give and still does. She is an accomplished model already and doesn't really need the fame. But to become a model, she had to change a certain aspect of her body. And make the plastic surgery change look as natural as possible. She's been open about it as she's been in an advertisement campaign for the service provider before we all knew her on the show.

Hannah Ann Sluss Shared the Her Breast Augmentation Story for the Breazeale Clinic

This was before she was in The Bachelor universe altogether. Sluss has had breast augmentation surgery when she was still 18 or so in around 2014. And it was a significant one for the model as it helped her achieve that level of body satisfaction to be one.

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In December 2018, she came clean about her journey to deciding which size she wanted and how the aftermath went during her first surgery ever during an advertisement interview for the clinic she went for the surgery. She got her implants from Dr. Ed Breazeale of the Breazeale Clinic.

"I had my surgery about four years ago," she started the video interview. "And I was really anxious about it at first. I wasn't quite sure. I had never had any work done before, and I was really nervous because this is plastic surgery, and I wanted it to look as natural as possible. I also didn't want everyone to really recognize that I had had surgery. I wanted it to just be a gradual transition into looking more like a woman."

How She Eased into It

The process of selecting her new size was eased by something called the Ultra High Profile, which helps see what the result would look like through advanced 3D imaging, as well as Dr. Breazeale's expert input.

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"I got the Ultra High Profile, and I chose this because I wanted it to give me a good boost," she explained. "But, also, what I really liked about the Ultra High Profile is that it's extremely natural-looking. A lot of people will notice that my b**bs sit up really nice, but they aren't really recognizing that I've had a breast augmentation, which I really like."

The time afterward could be a little difficult with the added weight. Yes, she just eased into it one day at a time, with the support of the clinic itself. "Because I got this done four years ago, and I was probably about 10 pounds lighter," Sluss said in another video on Instagram, "I've been able to grow into the size, and I'm really, really happy with it."

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