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Does 'Get Detangled's Lisa Silvera Have a Husband?

Sea Published On Sun May 31 2020   Modified On Sun May 31 2020
Does 'Get Detangled's Lisa Silvera Have a Husband?

Lisa Silvera is Transformational Coach & Emotional Detangler, she likes to call herself, known for her Get Detangled Personal Development Coaching, a place for people to emotionally come in terms with themselves when it comes to relationships and such. Her help comes from her personal life experiences, not from being a therapist or an analyst.

Makes you wonder. She must've had a story of her own to get to this point, right? Well, yeah, it's obvious. There's a little story about how she became a 'Life Optimizer'. But despite what you may expect about her romantic life, she doesn't talk about it as often as every other part of her story.

Lisa Silvera Had a Terrible Breakup at 47 But Healed with SoulCycle

Lisa used to be in the fashion & art industry before she moved on to learn about the human condition, moving from New York to Miami. One factor contributed to the move. In an interview with Voyage LA, she mentions she "followed love" to Miami.

Lisa Silvera's profile picture.

You'll always find her happy.
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It was in Miami she first got interested in learning about human emotions and started studying, reading and taking more classes. She even had her first life-coaching client there. According to the interview, she was there with the unidentified individual for 13 years. So you can imagine the breakup was painful.

She was a wreck as she moved to LA after the split. She was 47 when the split happened. She lived with her best friend, who actually called her to Miami with an excuse of asking her for help. The best friend had twins coming her way.

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She was healing her soul for six months as one of her friends in NYC told her to try out SoulCycle for that. With other girls there as well, she actually healed.

Lisa "Maybe" in a Relationship But Married or Not Is Unconfirmed

It was a successful healing cycle for Lisa Silvera at SoulCycle. And along the way, she met someone. In her SoulCycle story in October 2013, she mentions she'd met "an amazing man who loves and nurtures me".  She even gets to know a then-9-year-old daughter of the man who she really connected with.

Lisa Silvera's second profile picture.

Get an interview with her, and maybe you'll know if she has a husband.
Photo Source: Lisa Silvera, Get Detangled

So yeah, it's still unclear if she is still with that person. And thus the question of if she's married to a husband is really unclear right now. But judging by her journey since 2013 and how she's been growing happily, she may well be married to the mentioned man.

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Silvera is over 55 years old now, and she's still glowing. Even her wrinkles and cellulite were gone after her soul-healing process. She founded Get Detangled in 2016 and has been a healing other souls again and again.

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