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Learn about Georgia Kousoulou's Nose Job. What Other Surgeries Has She Undergone?

Sea Published On Sun May 03 2020   Modified On Sun May 03 2020
Learn about Georgia Kousoulou's Nose Job. What Other Surgeries Has She Undergone?

Ever watched the British reality TV series The Only Way Is Essex? If you have, then you might recognize Georgia Kousoulou, one the starring cast members of the hit show. The 28-year-old came to the show in 2014 and has been a regular since then.

Over the years, along with love, emotion, and drama-filled passing season of the show, her physical appearance seems to have undergone a considerable change, and you may have already guessed the credit belongs to none other than plastic surgery.

Georgia, however, has never hidden the fact and has admitted to having gone through cosmetic surgeries to look beautiful and the difficulties she faced during and after the process.

Georgia Kousoulou's Nose Job

In 2017, Georgia Kousoulou made her decision to undergo surgery for her nose. After her procedure, she looked in the mirror and did not recognize herself in the mirror.

Despite initial worries before the operations, she says she has "zero regrets" over the decision she made to get her new nose. In fact, she said she feels "more happy and confident now."

Georgia Kousoulou before and after nose surgery

Georgia Kousoulou before (right) and after (left) the nose job.
Source: Th Sun

But in an interview on the British talk show This Morning in 2018, the 28-year-old did state her only regret after the surgery was coming back to the camera soon after the surgery. Kousoulou says she 100% regretted going back to filming so soon after having a nose job as she did not think people would be so cruel on her. 

Do you know what it is, when you have surgery, you don't realize how long it's going to take. It takes up to a year to heal, and mine's not even been a year yet.

Well, we all make mistakes in our life don't we?

She Was Constantly Trolled and Criticized For Her Nose

It is almost unavoidable for celebrities to become a laughing stock once people find out the details of their plastic surgeries, and it was the same for Georgia Kousoulou. She was mocked and made fun of her nose, and people all over social media threw sarcastic remarks at her new looks.

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The Sink or Swim for Stand Up To Cancer star even revealed people also joked that her nose looked like Michael Jackson's. The lady also shared, "I had one comment which said, 'you signed up for this,' and I thought, 'no, I didn't'."

Some even went as far as comparing her with the DC supervillain 'The Joker'. Talk about being mean!

People made fun of Georgia Kousoulou's nose job

Troll made on Georgia Kousoulou's nose surgery.
Source: Georgia Kousoulou's Twitter (@MissGeorgiakx)

It's never a nice feeling when you hear unpleasant and offensive things about your body like that. Thankfully, she has overcome it and is doing great these days!

Had Georgia Kousoulou Got Other Surgeries?

You might think nose job is not the only surgery Georgia Kousoulou has been through. Yeah, of course not. She revealed that she's had breast implants too.

In a 2015 interview, the Essex native admitted she did not like the shape of her breasts, and so she increased their size. She said she went from a B to an E cup size.

Georgia Kousoulou revealed she also had breast implants.

Georgia Kousoulou has underwent breast increment surgery.
Source: CelebsNow

In the same interview, the TOWIE star also spilled the beans on having her lip injected. She confessed she had the outline to her lips done. But in her defense, she added she never needed to do it again.

No More Surgeries

After the controversial nose surgery, Georgia Kousoulou confirmed she had no plans to have any more cosmetic surgeries from now. Moreover, her boyfriend of five years, Tommy Mallet, also showed his concern and has banned her from any more plastic surgeries.

The blonde also added trolls and comments about her nose was quite shocking and weakened her confidence. Regardless, it is a good decision for her to not do anything more to her body, considering she doesn't have to.

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