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'General Hospital's Haley Pullos Knows How to Answer a Plastic Surgery Question

Sea Published On Wed Jul 01 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 01 2020
'General Hospital's Haley Pullos Knows How to Answer a Plastic Surgery Question

For soap actors, a plastic surgery question is one of the most talked-about topics in the industry, considering the amount of time many of the actors have to stick to the same role. And well, a lot of them have admitted to the rumors or at least responded to them in one way or another.

And for General Hospital's Haley Pullos, it's not been uncomfortable at all answering the questions fans have for her. And given her personality, you know her answer comes from a genuine place.

Of course, we've seen people in the entertainment business lying about their possible surgeries and later coming out embarrassed, but she doesn't seem to have such a concern. The way she answers the queries.

Haley Pullos Denies Cheek Implants Question, As Cool As She Is

Haley Pullos took on the role of 'Molly Lansing' in 2009, and while taking on the role for over a decade, her episodes were cut down quite a few in recent years. And in August 2019, when she appeared after three months of her last episode in May, fans were wondering why she looked a little different.

Haley Pullos carrying a little girl.

Her cheeks went rosier back then.
Photo Source: Haley Pullos, Instagram

There were several threads on social media questioning if she's gotten cheek implants for plastic surgery. Questions like "Did she have plastic surgery?", "She had cheek implants!" and "OMG, she looks so different! She must have gotten a nose job!" were quite common.

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Pullos took the liberty to answer one of these queries, which asked directly her rather than assuming if she's had cheek implants. To the question, "Did u have cheek implants?" she promptly answered, "lmaoooo nope thanks though".

Haley Pullos answering her cheek implant rumors.

Just a straight-forward answer.
Photo Source: Haley Pullos, Instagram

Quite a few fans agreed with her too, as they speculate she just did her makeup a little differently.

Fans Thought Pullos Was Leaving 'General Hospital' for Her New Netflix Project

Back in early 2020, like February, there was a buzz going around that Pullos might be leaving General Hospital after she went on to social media to express her gratitude for her recurring role in The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.

Haley Pullos with her 'General Hospital' friends, 3 of them.

She'll never be far from 'General Hospital'.
Photo Source: Haley Pullos, Instagram

Pullos appeared in five episodes of the Netflix show, two of which premiered earlier for her. "Got to see the first two episodes of #theexpandinguniverseofashleygarcia last night!!!" She wrote in an Instagram post days before the release (post unavailable now). "I'm so thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful show and I cannot wait til u guys can see it too ♡ stream it on Netflix February 17th!!!"

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She may have removed the post due to the rumor of her not coming back to General Hospital too. But her presence on the show too hadn't been mentioned since the mention of engagement between Molly and 'TJ Ashford'.

Haley Pullos with her co-star on 'The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia '.

Pullos stars as Bella Schmerz on 'The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia'.
Photo Source: Haley Pullos, Instagram

However, it seems she was still keen of continuing her General Hospital role, although her last appearance was in May. Plus, Paulina Chávez did announce herself the second season of The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia would drop on July 20 on Netflix.

So yeah, Pullos' future in General Hospital is still unsure, but there's no reason to erase Molly from the scene. Nothing has stopped it before.

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