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Francesca Farago Sets the Record Straght on All Her Plastic Surgeries

Sea Published On Thu Jun 25 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 25 2020
Francesca Farago Sets the Record Straght on All Her Plastic Surgeries

Oooo! That was unexpected, wasn't it? After Francesca Farago claimed it was long-distance and hinted cheating from Harry Jowsey for their breakup, it might not have been too surprising to see him strike back with his own claims. He says he is prioritizing his mental health before the relationship.

That's not the only reveal we've had in recent times. Since getting the fame and love from Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, there have been countless times when many have discussed possible plastic surgery on her. Of course, some were even digging up high school pictures that she didn't know she had.

The speculations range from lip fillers and rhinoplasty to breast reduction surgery. And it seems she was not having all those rumors just floating around without proof. So, as a wholesome truth to all the claims, she released the facts with her first ever video on YouTube.

The Former Plastic Surgery Speculations Francesca Farago Had Before the Reveal

Everyone had their theories, basically. One particular Redditor pulled up her photo before fame to see the differences. And a lot of the other users could see the obvious lip fillers. But many also speculated a nose job in the works due to the thinner nose bridge. Additionally, she also supposedly had her eyebrows lifted.

Before and after lip fillers & nose job photos of Francesca Farago.

Yeah, it's obvious, but not which ones.
Photo Source: Reddit

One more particular thing many thought she had was breast reduction process. This was because of her words during one of her interviews, which she also addressed in her video. In one episode of Too Hot to Handle, Chloe Veitch asked Farago, "How big were they before?" To this, she replied, "They were big."

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While this insinuated she had bigger breasts before and then reduced to the size it is now, there was one little process in between that she cleared out in the video. And it was not a breast reduction process at all — not an artificial process that is.

Farago's Tell-All of Her Plastic Surgery Journey

Francesca Farago joined the YouTube community in March 2018. But she started being active only in April 2020, with the first video being the discussion of her plastic surgery journey and addressing all the rumors of the past.

Francesca Farago in a white buttoned top with plumpy lips.

Sure, it's clear as day.
Photo Source: Francesca Farago, Instagram

She starts the video by revealing how she was bad at makeup from a decade ago until a few years ago, how she used to edit her photos with FaceTune a lot before really deciding to post it. And then she proceeds on to the most basic of her surgeries.

The 26-year-old admits she's had her boobs done, and it was not a reduction. She did have them pretty big earlier on, but due to weight loss and such after going vegan, she lost a lot of it in her chest area.

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Without initially planning it, she enhanced her breasts while in Bangkok, Thailand, with her best friend Erica three years ago. They decided to do it after finding out how cheap it was there, and it ended up working really well for her as she loves them now. Only then did she reveal she had them naturally bigger before she went vegan.

It sure did wonders for her.
Photo Source: Francesca Farago, Instagram

Moving on, she does keep getting her lips injected since four/five years ago. And that also led her to fill her chin as well, which she didn't know when she first had her lips done.

"I used to have a bum chin and I would get teased for it all the time and so one day I was getting my lips done for the first time and the lady was like, 'do you want to put some in your chin too?' I didn't even know that was an option!" She says. "She filled the chin and this has been five years I've been getting a little filler in my chin just to literally get rid of the bum chin. I just don't like it and I think if you've got an insecurity and you want to cover it up, then go for it!"

Clearing out on her nose job rumors, she believes it is because of the contouring she did that shaped her nose a little differently. And she used to FaceTune to feel more secure with it, so that doesn't count.

She did the chin despite requests from friends to get it back.
Photo Source: Francesca Farago, Instagram

Francesca continues to use Botox, despite not reaching 30 yet, and clears out that she never had her eyelids lifted but did get under-eye filler three times, since her 23rd birthday.

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"I obviously get botox, I'm 26, I'm not trying to get wrinkles!" She continues. "I've not done anything to my eyes, I've tried the under-eye filler thing that people do I think about three times. The first time I did it was on my 23rd birthday as a present to myself."

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That's all that she had, and she believes she's grown into her features (except the ears) to love them enough and drastically change her face through surgery of some kind.

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