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No, Erin Krakow Is Not Dating Ben Rosenbaum, Much Less Married to a Husband... Maybe

Sea Published On Tue May 26 2020   Modified On Tue May 26 2020
No, Erin Krakow Is Not Dating Ben Rosenbaum, Much Less Married to a Husband... Maybe

Hey, When Calls the Heart fans. Still sad that 'Jack' had to go out like that? But you didn't stop watching the show after his departure, did you? They continued on with the show even after ending a true love story like that with the news of a baby. And if 'Little Jack' hasn't had you gripping tight to the show, there are some serious issues you need to get over.

Either way, 'Elizabeth Thatcher's new quest for love is still on. And so is the actor starring the lead role, Erin Krakow. It hasn't been the best of the times for her in terms of her love life, but maybe she chooses it this way.

There have been only two people ever to be seriously linked to Krakow in real life, her on-screen husband Daniel Lissing and another When Calls the Heart co-star Ben Rosenbaum. But it seems none of the links are true at all. For one thing, Lissing is engaged to be married to someone else. And Rosenbaum is a total rumor conspired from a blog post that said Lissing was gay. Rule that one out too.

The On-Screen Connection Was Strong, But Daniel Lissing Is Engaged to Someone Else

While you might see exceptional connections from the actors who play couples on TV, there aren't so many cases of the two actors hooking up in real life as well. The same is for the stars of When Calls the Heart.

Erin Krakow with her on-screen husband Daniel Lissing on 'When Calls the Heart'.

Sadly for the fans, being married on TV couldn't be the same in real life.
Photo Source: Hallmark Channel

As you could see in all those years of production of the series, Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing had such a dynamic connection as Jack and Elizabeth (classic couple names, by the way) both on and off-screen. But they could hardly even carry that married connection in real life. For one thing, Lissing already had a girlfriend who is now his fiancee.

In October 2019, he announced his engagement (on her birthday!) to his fiancee, Nadia, who is completely outside the business. And because the couple wanted to keep her and her family details under the wraps, Nadia didn't even reveal her last name. Yeah, anything can happen with last names, so a smart decision in the end.

Daniel Lissing is engaged to be married to Nadia, who he met in Iceland.

Daniel Lissing is engaged to be married to Nadia, who he met in Iceland.
Photo Source: Daniel Lissing, Instagram

It's unclear what they have decided for their planned summer wedding because of the CoronaVirus pandemic, but he sure can't wait to make Nadia his wife. They met a year and a half before their engagement.

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As for Krakow, she was pretty upset (not with Lissing) after he decided to voluntarily leave the show. And dating life for Elizabeth had been fairly alright even after finding out she was pregnant with Jack's child.

Just Because a Blog Said She Was in a Long-Term Relationship with Ben Doesn't Mean It's True

Of course, Ben Rosenbaum is also among the cast members of When Calls the Heart. For someone who hasn't watched the show, it'll only be a question of how often characters meet. He plays 'Mike Hickam' on the show, and there have only been few instances where they would get to really connect on-screen, but sure, off-screen, they have the chance to.

But what really sparked the rumors that they are dating or were even in a long-term relationship was from a blog post on Stein Pop Culture from January 2018 that said so. Several sites have picked up apparently (automatically or not, who knows!). It also mentioned the user "deduced" Lissing was gay, so will you consider that a source?

Erin Krakow and Ben Rosenbaum on a ferry ride.

Who knows about this one though, huh...
Photo Source: Pinterest

Regardless, if they really were in a relationship of some sort, or were in the past, there isn't a definitive source to tell you Krakow has a boyfriend, much less a husband. But can we even say for sure she is single? She might be keeping her relationship, if she has one, on the very downlow.

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Anyway, that's not for us to decide. If she has a significant other, only hope she'll walk the extra mile with that person. If she doesn't, wish for someone deserving, she deserves someone really great.

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