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Chandra Davis AKA Deelishis Puts Plastic Surgery Rumors to Bed

kenshinpark Published On Thu Jun 04 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 04 2020
Chandra Davis AKA Deelishis Puts Plastic Surgery Rumors to Bed

Chandra Davis, aka London Charles and Deelishis, is an American model and reality TV personality, who is best known for her appearance and winner of VH1 reality TV show, "Flavour of Love 2." London, who is a model, appeared on the show when she was 28 years, following her win, she broke up with Flav.

The TV personality has managed to garner a lot of fans following the win, and has appeared on numbers of music videos, including Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop.' Moreover, she recently launched her musical career as well; the singer released her debut single "Rumpshaker."

Since we know the TV personality is doing pretty decent on all her career path, there's something that ticks her off once in a while. Deelishis is often surrounded by rumors of plastic surgery, so are they real? We will try to find out just that, and also know people's opinions.

Deelishis Plastic Surgery, What People Think?

Deelishes plastic surgery.

Deelishis looks to complete two different people on the pictures above.
Photo Source: Instagram User

The 42-year-old model and a singer, Deelishis, is often surrounded by plastic surgery rumors. People think she had a Rhinoplasty, while others also claim she corrected her cheeks and other minor facial features. Rumors surfaced when London uploaded a picture of her on social media, on which she seemed like a completely different person.

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As you can see on the picture above, London Charles' nose seems trimmer; even the nostrils seemed to be corrected through the procedure; even the hump on the bridge is more prominent and thinner. If we have to go by the comparison picture, it's pretty much confirmed she underwent surgery.

Deelishis, however, declines all the rumors, and she has something to back her claim too. Let's find out what Deelishis have to say.

Deelishis Declined of Having Plastic Surgery

Deelishes plastic surgery.

Deelishis put all the plastic surgery rumors to bed.
Photo Source: Deelishis Instagram

We have seen celebrities decline to have plastic surgery despite the undeniable facts. However, Deelishis had some proof to show she never underwent the knife. To put speculations to bed, the reality star pulled out her palette and makeup brushes.

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Taking to her Instagram account, where Deelishis boasts an impressive 3.4 million followers as of 2020, showed how she managed to pull the look that shocked the world.

Watch: here's the video of Deelishis.

The video she posted on her Instagram shows the reality star contours the part area to achieve a flawless look. She wrote, "by the way, notice the ones talking s**t are fake pages with 100 followers or less! No surgery, all contour, now run and tell that on a for-real Friday, my loves!!" 

Well, she knows how to shut the rumors. We don't think we need more evidence now. The video alone is more than enough to tell that Deelishis is not lying, and in fact, did not have any plastic surgery.

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