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The Plastic Surgery Dannii Minogue Took As a Clutch During Difficult Times in Life

Sea Published On Sun Jul 12 2020   Modified On Sun Jul 12 2020
The Plastic Surgery Dannii Minogue Took As a Clutch During Difficult Times in Life

You've all seen Dannii Minogue evolve through the years ever since the 80s, although she decided to slowly fade away from her acting career from then. Still, she has a really strong sense of judging. All these years of being a primary judge surely say a lot.

However, like any regular person, Minogue also had to go through some very tough times in her life. And no, not like when Sharon Osbourne quit X-Factor claiming Minogue had unforgivably bad plastic surgery. There are bigger things to worry about anyway.

Yeah, the personal life that's draining everyone's mana (no, it's not a game). And there are ways people cope with the headache that comes with it. It was a strange choice Minogue made for herself to get plastic surgery instead of many other ways there are. Therapy, perhaps.

Not Specifically Plastic Surgery, But Dannii Minogue Used Botox to Deal with Her Personal Life Problems

The Masked Singer Australia panelist revealed in a tell-all interview with The Mirror back in 2017 that she used to apply Botox to her face in order to deal with her personal life problems, like that duel with Osbourne (I know, ironic). It turns out, she took to Botox when she needed cheering up during her days with the X-Factor.

(L to R) Members of the "The X Factor" Louis Walshe, Sharon Osbourne, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Dermot O'Leary pose with the award for Most Popular Talent Show at the National Television Awards 2007 held at the Royal Albert Hall on October 31, 2007, in London, England.

Apparently, Simon Cowell was the only thing in between the two women.
Photo Credit: Eamonn McCormack, Getty Images

Apparently, Botox took Minogue to her happy place during those days from 2012 to 2015 and beyond. Her relationship days with former boyfriend Kris Smith, for example. "There was a lot of pain in my personal life and I felt more settled using Botox," she said in the aforementioned interview. "That was my crutch through the tough times. I'm clearly not using it now! I am in a good place."

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It seemed she's been released from her clutch. But, of course, you can guess all you want about what other plastic surgery procedures she may have done. But that won't make it true.

Minogue's Son Has Been the "Real Sunshine" in Her Life

That being said, she also states the fact that she was not the only one who uses Botox in a therapeutic way, apparently. "I don't think I'm the only woman to use Botox that way," she told The Daily Telegraph's Stella Magazine around the same time. "Except a lot of times I think it might be a subconscious thing – that you don't want people to see how you really feel."

 Dannii Minogue attends the 2018 L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards on February 4, 2018, in Melbourne, Australia.

And thus began her journey Botox-free and makup-full.
Photo Credit: Sam Tabone, WireImage

Here's the thing. There are many other things to be grateful in life. For the other half of the Minogue sisters, despite having trouble in her relationship with Smith, she had one thing to come positive for her from the relationship — her precious child.

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She praises motherhood for having changed her life for the better. 9-year-old Ethan was born from her past relationship with Smith, as she finds him as "the real sunshine in my life," according to the Sunday Times Magazine.

From Stella Magazine, "I'm genuinely happy now. I'm dog-tired because I'm a single mother and no one warns you how tiring having a super active little boy is. But life is good."

Dannii Minogue walking down the beach with her boyfriend Adrian Newman and her son Ethan.

There are more reasons for her to be happy about (winky face!).
Photo Source: Matrix Pictures

She's not single anymore though, and that's yet another reason for life to be good. She's been dating music producer Adrian Newman for at least half a decade already. At least, we haven't heard of their separation, if there ever has been. Let's stay positive for this one, shall we?

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