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Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgery - Before and After Teeth Fix, Botox Rumors Comparison

Chester Published On Mon Jun 22 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 22 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgery - Before and After Teeth Fix, Botox Rumors Comparison

Grab all the details of CR7, the living football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo plastic surgery.

Everyone recognizes Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Having exceptional skills in football and attractive face, it makes him being cherished by ladies.

With the rising fame, time, and money, the 35 years old athlete has surely evolved a lot since his 18 years debut on Man U. As an actual fact, the talented footballer has done some facial surgery to improve his appearance. If we look at his past and current appearance, there are such a significant number of changes on his appearance. So in order to know all the facts behind the Juventus' no '7' star, here, we present you all plastic surgery procedures Ronaldo opted for.

Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgery - Teeth Fixation

If you've been following the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo since Manchester United back in 2003, then you might definitely know about his deformed teeth. Even looking at some old pictures of him, we get to know that he had deformed teeth, his teeth were so unpleasant and untidy. He didn't glance charming, however, his present appearance had been reshaped by teeth veneer procedure. 

Before and After Teeth Veneer.
Image Source: Pinterest 

This method showed him better than anyone might have expected. Now due to the tempting looks of the skilled player, a huge number of women holds a crush on him. Well, who wouldn't date 'Ronaldo' right! - no brainer thing.

Are Juventus Star Ronaldo Botox Rumors True?

Botox is a facial medical procedure method for utilization to revive individuals' faces mostly on the forehead. As you all know the highest paid Portuguese footballer is 30 years old, yet looks much younger. 

Facts behind Cristiano Ronaldo botox rumors.

Facts behind Cristiano Ronaldo botox rumors.
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As we compare CR7 past and present pictures, it clearly shows that his last appearance was not as charming as his present appearance. So, individuals are found to be discussing that the botox working well on his face. But on the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo ranks among one of the highest-paid celebrities as well the fittest. So we highly believe Ronaldo's appearance is all blessed by his hard work via exercise, maintained diet, and football. 

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So we deny all the rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo botox rumors. For more Celebrity Plastic Surgery articles visit Celebs Gazette.