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Does CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner Have a Husband? Details Here

Sea Published On Tue Jun 02 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 02 2020
Does CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner Have a Husband? Details Here

Sara Sidner recently became a part of a milestone in the George Floyd homicide case as she was a bridge between the Floyd family and the Minneapolis Police Department for direct communication.

But there's more to her than that achievement. Sidner is one of the most prolific news correspondents for CNN's Los Angeles department, leading her to multiple award-wins. In fact, it was because of this level of success and legacy of reporting across the world in conflicted reasons that she went on to work for CNN LA in 2014.

Sara Sidner Is Married... Reportedly

If it was a local news station somewhere in the country, maybe she would've happily shared the details of whether she has a husband or not. But when working for the likes of CNN, it requires a certain level of privacy of their personal life for news anchors, so as not to involve that part of their lives when being caught in unwanted situations, especially for a person getting to where they are after years of working real hard.

There have been reports of Sara Sidner being married but that she's not too open about the details of her husband, the wedding or if she has kids. But she does seem to wear a ring on "the" finger. So she's probably married, but she's not leaking that out anytime soon.

Sidner is an international correspondent, which apparently made the marriage a little difficult, and is one of those who work in extreme conditions, not of weather but of the situation. A well-known incident is when an angry mob got hostile with her in Mumbai, India, after a terror attack.

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She's covered for CNN in Libya, Nepal, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and many more. She's also covered stories from a lot of countries in the middle east and was part of the Peabody-winning team of CNN's coverage for the Arab Spring.

Watch: Sara Sidner Makes a Break

Just to make it relevant, Sidner has cover stories from a lot of husband-wife couples with stories to tell. And she has at least the good parts of the relationship experience with her husband, hopefully.

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