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The Complete Timeline of Charlotte Crosby's Plastic Surgery Journey

Sea Published On Thu Jun 04 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 04 2020
The Complete Timeline of Charlotte Crosby's Plastic Surgery Journey

Charlotte Crosby looks now nothing like she did on the first season of MTV's Geordie Shore in 2011. But what she looked like on the first season of the show did not make her feel good about herself at all. However, despite some of her plastic surgeries being necessary, fans believe she may have overdone it.

Crosby has been extremely open about her plastic surgery endeavors since the last year or so. And you don't need to speculate anything about it; she's said everything she can about her operations.

It was back in January 2020 that a twitter thread started about how she may have gone too far with it. Some felt sorry people had to go through it, while some were adding humor to the facts.

Charlotte Crosby's First Plastic Surgery Was Lip Fillers "Way Before Kylie Jenner Got Trendy"

Back when Geordie Shore started, Charlotte Crosby was clearly filler-free. But she reportedly had a lot of fake tan. And as the series progressed, there were clear indications she'd done something to her face. Turns out, she was insecure with her lips, God knows why.

CHARLOTTE CROSBY at a Studio in London in 2014.

Crosby in 2014 before her first lip filler.
Photo Source: WENN

Crosby came open about her lip fillers in 2016 when she pointed out to Mail Online that her decision to get lip fillers was in no way a result of the Kylie Jenner trend. She'd started lip fillers way back in 2014 and was doing it every five or six months in Newcastle.

"I had the thinnest top lip before," she told Mail Online while unveiling her new nose as well. "I've been getting my lips done for about two years now, I get them done every five or six months at a place in Newcastle. I don't think it's the Kylie Jenner effect because I was getting mine done way before Kylie Jenner got trendy."

 Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle seen leaving the Heat Radio Studios on October 15, 2015 in London, England.

The obvious lip filler when 2015 rolled in.
Photo Credit: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle, GC Images

Additionally, she purposefully posts photos of herself if the camera shows the biggest lips she had just to rile people up. They don't know that she was trolling them. "I purposely pose the pictures where my lips look the biggest they possibly could and I say 'give it five mins and they'll be loads of comments," she told The Sun in September 2016. "I do it to wind people up! I'm trolling people and they don't even know it."

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With lip fillers, she also revealed she'd already had Botox and was planning on more of it, plus a boob job, in the future.

2016: Crosby Had a Nose Job Due to the Scrutiny She Received for It in 'Geordie Shore'

Well, the reason she actually had her nose job in January 2016 was that she had a small hook in her nose, and being on TV, she got a lot of criticism for it. As a result, those combined caused low confidence for her overall.

Charlotte Crosby taking a selfie, showing her nose and her lips.

With showing the lips for fun, there's a clear indication of a new nose.
Photo Source: Charlotte Crosby, Instagram

She revealed her new nose to Heat Magazine in February 2016, stating, "It's not like I can hide it. If I'd not been on TV, I'd never have got it done. I do think [my nose] caused a lack of confidence, and you always compare yourself to other people who are on TV as well."

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"My old nose was awful, it was so bad," she continued to insist. "When I watched myself before and I turned to the side I felt sick because my nose looked so awful. No-one ever noticed my nose, I never got one comment in my whole entire life saying you've got a bad nose. But I wasn't happy with it, I got it done for me."

She apparently waited for years before really deciding she wanted to get her nose done.

2017: Not the Biggest Thing, But Permanently Tattooed Eyebrows Are Something

Yeah, noticed that she's had thicker eyebrows than she had years before, huh? In early 2017, she actually filmed herself getting the eyebrows permanently tattooed and shared the experience on Snapchat.

Charlotte Crosby taking a selife with her eyebrows thickened.

As open about it as possible.
Photo Source: Charlotte Crosby, Instagram

"I've just had my eyebrows drawn in and we're about to start tattooing," she said in the clip before starting the process. It's technically not something to be categorized into plastic surgery, but it definitely adds to the list of what she's done to her face.

Late 2017: Congenital Symmastia, Not 'Uniboob', Got Her to Get It Fixed and Add Implants As Well, But Removed Them Later

In November 2017, Charlotte Crosby had her breasts corrected as she was born with a defect called congenital symmastia, leading to an abnormal arrangement of breast tissue. However, some had the terminology "uniboob" to describe the situation. But she insists there's a difference in the technicality of it all.

Crosby carries a cardboard cut-out of herself before she lost two and a half stone, on her way to sign copies of her fitness DVD Charlottes 3-Minute Belly Blitz at HMV Manchester on January 7, 2015 in Manchester, England.

Her "uniboob" condition was clearer after the dramatic weight loss.
Photo Credit: Shirlaine Forrest, WireImage

"There is something that I feel under-confident about. It's known as the 'uniboob', but the actual term is symmastia," she told OK. "It's normally what happens when a boob job goes wrong. The breast tissue expands from the boob job, and makes you not have the gap in your cleavage. But I haven't had a boob job – I was one of the few unlucky people born with it."

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She noted that people were always calling her breasts out before the surgery for looking a little weird. And the correction was not the only thing she did. She also added two implants, one in each, to make them look bigger, which she debuted in January 2018 with a photo in a swimsuit that could hardly contain them.

Charlotte Crosby before and after boob job. First: Charlotte pictured in 2014. Second:  Charlotte Crosby attends In The Style TOTES OVER IT Valentine's Party at Libertine on February 8, 2018 in London, England.

The swimsuit photo is the first one shown on top.
Photo Credits: Flynet & Ricky Vigil M, GC Images

In early 2019, however, she had the implants removed because she'd experienced "shooting pains" in her breasts, taking to Instagram to share the regret of having had them in the first place. "I do regret having them done in the first place but life's too short and I am too blessed so I'll shake my little tits in the face of regrets."

Although, She Didn't Get Implants Because She First Wanted To

Crosby got her break in I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! And in a January 2020 episode, she had some things to share about her boob job. In a candid conversation with co-star Rhonda Burchmore, she spoke about how one should get plastic surgery and such if they lack massively in confidence, but never when you don't need it.

Crosby sharing about her multiple procedures on that one episode of 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Crosby shared about her multiple procedures on that one episode.
Photo Source: Ten

The 30-year-old went on to explain how she decided to get implants after the corrective surgery in the first place. "I didn't have a cleavage, and I wanted to wear the [low-cut] tops and there was a correction on the middle of the boob, so I went to a consultation," she continued.

It turns out, she wasn't even thinking about getting implants before the consultation. But since her surgeon suggested it, she simply just went along with it.

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The Geordie Shore does acknowledge the way too many plastic surgeries have that legitimate negativity against the person, plus that it may be a "slippery slope". But yes, she also agrees that it can be addictive. She's had plans for further cosmetic changes like hair transplant to lower the hairline and such. But if she decides to do more despite the urge from her fans to not to, only time will tell. It is likely on all bases, though.

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