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Who Is 'Little Women: Dallas' Star Caylea Woodbury's Boyfriend? How Far Are They in Their Relationship?

Sea Published On Fri May 15 2020   Modified On Tue May 19 2020
Who Is 'Little Women: Dallas' Star Caylea Woodbury's Boyfriend? How Far Are They in Their Relationship?

It's a shame Little Women: Dallas was not renewed after Season 2 in 2018. But that didn't stop the youngest member, Caylea Woodbury, from maintaining her celebrity status as she's made appearances in Lauren Lake's Paternity Court and is even featured herself on Nine Months with Courtney Cox.

Yeah, there's no hiding that she's given birth to for the second time around and was part of Courtney Cox's documentary series during her pregnancy time. Formerly known as 'Lil Twrk', Woodbury is currently engaged to boyfriend-turned-fiance D'Quan Cage since 2017.

The couple has had two kids together, and some issues arose when she hid the face of her newborn. But then again there were two sides of her fans, with her having to explain she hid it because she wanted Cox's series to be a full revealing one for her baby.

Caylea Woodbury Was Engaged to D'Quan Cage in June 2017 but Was Asked Again in a Beautifully Dramatic Fashion

Little Women: Dallas star, Caylea Woodbury has been dating the same man, D'Quan Cage, since March 2017. It would've been a little surprising that they were engaged so much faster than any other couple would. But when it comes to the bond they had, it was obvious Cage would ask her to be his bride in June 2017.

Boyfriend turned fiance D'Quan Cage kissing Caylea Woodbury on her cheek from behind as she takes a mirror selfie.

Woodbury had to squash the rumors that Cage wasn't straight.
Photo Source: Caylea Woodbury, Twitter

The first half of Season 1 of Little Women: Dallas aired from November 2016 until the end of the year, while the second season aired from April 2017. It seems she'd found her man in between the airing of the two halves of the first season.

Not everything was a smooth-sailing for the newly-engaged couple. Apparently, there were issues the fiance's family had with Woodbury and were not supporting his relationship with her. Thus, in an initially heartbreaking scene of Season 2 Episode 10 (the last episode) in November 2017, Cage initially asked her the ring back like his mother ordered her to, saying there were a lot of things she didn't deserve at a party prior to that episode.

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Since a lot of those things came from the then-boyfriend's mom, he decided it would be better if he asked her to marry him again under their own terms and ignore the questions others had for their love.

Watch: D'Quan Cage Asks the Ring Back to Only Ask Her for Marriage Again

Although the show abruptly ended mid-season, it was kind of a nice goodbye as the testimony to their love remains with a second child already there. Still, it hasn't left people thinking they might not be together. In the comments of her Instagram photos, people are asking if they are still together. Until she says otherwise, keep hoping for the best.

Caylea Was Unwantedly Pregnant with Another Guy bug Had Miscarriage Six Weeks In

Getting it out of the way, Woodbury's first pregnancy was revealed in the second half of Season 1 in April 2017 (remember, the filming happens months before airing in 2016, so this thing did not intertwine with she dating Cage, at all). But she found it out in an unwanted fashion.

Caylea Woodbury's son, Lexington Miguel Cage, with his parents, only body parts seen in the photo.

"And then there was four," with fiance Cage, of course.
Photo Source: Caylea Woodbury, Instagram

In a late-April 2017 episode, Caylea was initially hesitant about the idea of pregnancy despite the several sicknesses she's encountered. She gets the shock that she's pregnant but also confesses she didn't want a baby with the father. It is not sure who the father would've been, but many presumed it was her ex who was dating Amanda Loy at the time. And their relationship was not that of a friendship, at the time, for obvious reasons.

Woodbury & Fiance Cage Appeared on 'Lauren Lake's Paternity Court' and Had a Little Argument

Things seemed to have taken a different turn after that though. It was later known that she miscarried after six weeks and six days of pregnancy. And then new-boyfriend Cage arrived in her life to make things better.

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The two have not yet married, but already have two children together. Their first kid, Lexington Miguel Cage (aka L.M.C.), who doesn't have dwarfism, was born on September 12, 2018. They revealed the gender of their son in October with a video from the past.

The two welcomed their second child on February 3, 2020. The baby boy's name is currently revealed with the initials H.P.C. only. On the two photos of her second child on Instagram, she'd covered HPC's face, and some people were arguing she didn't have to do that only for her second son, while others argued it's her baby, and if she's willing to reveal his face, she would.

Caylea Woodbury's first son Lexington Miguel Cage with her second son's face hidden on their body.

Don't worry, she'll reveal his face and full name soon enough.
Photo Source: Caylea Woodbury, Instagram

In her latest Instagram post, she cleared out why she was hiding his face for all this time. For Nine Months with Courtney Cox, she wanted to make his face reveal an authentic thing than just posting his face online. Her episode aired the day she cleared it.

There was one more thing the couple had to hurdle past before their second child was born. On an episode of Lauren Lake's Paternity Court aired a day before HPC was born, Judge Lauren Lake questioned the pair if the father of Lexington really was Cage.

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While Cage was saying "there are certain features" different in Lexington, Woodbury continuously assured him that he was the father of both her born and unborn child.

Watch: This Was Definitely Not the End of Their Relationship

There haven't been reports of the two being separated so far, at all (except his final words in the video above), and Woodbury has not been too aggressive when his topic appears here and there. But she seems to have deleted pictures with him from the past.

However, there is one little Easter egg she left in the comment sections to a query asked about their relationship when she posted a photo with David V (who is an LGBTQ member, by the way). Some went as far ahead to say they're dating, but she also joked with the impossibility before assuring under a fan's comment, "Y'all thinking to much lol me and him [Cage] are good." There!

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