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Here's What You Should Know About Bobby Norris Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Enhancements

kenshinpark Published On Tue Jun 23 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 23 2020
Here's What You Should Know About Bobby Norris Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Enhancements

All about Bobby Norris plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Bobby Norris (born Bobby Cole Norris) is an English TV personality who is best known for his appearance on the reality series 'The Only Way is Essex' since 2012.  The TV personality made his first appearance from the same series. 

Talking about his personal life, Norris is an openly gay celebrity; Following his coming out, the TV personality said people used to send hin death threats and wish cancer on him. Following the 33-year-old started a petition to make homophobia a criminal offense and spoke in parliament about his campaign.

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Since it's no secret, the TV personality has managed to make a good place in the showbiz industry and garners a big following. So, it's pretty obvious any changes he goes through people will notice. So, as you might have guessed it already, we are talking about Bobby's plastic surgeries and other cosmetic enhancements he may have opted for. Let's find out.

Bobby Norris' Plastic Surgery

Bobby norris plastic surgery.

Photo Source: Mirror

Bobby Norris may or may not have addressed his plastic surgery with his fans, but results are there loud and clear. The reality star has undergone several procedures throughout his life.

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But recently, the reality star said he has undergone a beard transplant, which he revealed on his social media. Bobby wrote, "All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything."

What Other Procedure Bobby Norris Has Opted in the Past?

According to the reports, the reality star, Bobby Norris, started playing around his natural looks after taking inspirations from his co-stars on 'The Only Way is Essex.' So, the changes began to happen on his face and body since he was on the show.

Bobby norris plastic surgery.

Photo Source: Mirror

There's an instance during an episode of TOWIE, where The GC screamed at Bobby, saying, "you are all Botox and no backbone!" to which Norris replied, "you have got a head full of peroxide, so you are hardly natural."

So, it's no secret Bobby has used Botox and lip fillers as he often posts a thank you note to clinics on social media for aiding him in quest of perfection.

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Moreover, the reports further suggest the reality star got a nose job done following the end of his stint on dating show. He went to Turkey for his rhinoplasty and septoplasty. The reason he underwent the mix of two procedures as he had difficulty in breathing. 

Bobby norris plastic surgery.

Photo Source: Mirror

While Bobby was happy about the procedure, some fans compared him with Human Ken Doll and Kris Jenner, following which the reality star took to his social media and wrote, "I wanted to do a video because I've seen last night and day that I've had a lot of cosmetic surgery done." 

Bobby added, "I can assure you categorically that I've only had one septorhinoplasty on my nose. I've had no other surgeries - I'm just a little bit swollen. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but just the one surgery and I love it."

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