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Who Is Ben Platt Currently Dating? His Relationship History and Story of Coming Out

Sea Published On Thu May 14 2020   Modified On Thu May 14 2020
Who Is Ben Platt Currently Dating? His Relationship History and Story of Coming Out

First thing's first, Ben Platt is openly gay since his pre-teen years and made it clear to the public with the release of his debut album, Sing to Me Instead, in early 2019. Although, he's never tried to hide the simple fact all his life and throughout his theater-acting days.

While Platt's left South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker's The Book of Mormon to move on to Dear Evan Hansen, he's since also moved on to focus in music and feature in Netflix's The Politician. And everywhere he's gone, success has followed.

When he left Dear Evan Hansen in 2017, he gracefully handed down his starring role of 'Evan Hansen' to fellow theater actor and The Real O'Neals alum Noah Galvin. And yes, now the two are dating. But to get to this point, Platt has had his share of past relationship to have learned from.

Noah Galvin Revealed He and Ben Platt Are Dating on the 'Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine' Podcast

Growing closer over the quarantine, Noah Galvin announced during an interview on the episode of the Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine podcast released on May 11, 2020, that he and Ben Platt are dating. But they had a little discussion the morning they decided to reveal it, the nervousness on which was clearly heard in Galvin's voice.

Noah Galvin pointing at Ben Platt during an online interview.

The announcement came as a pleasant surprise for their fans.
Photo Source: Noah Galvin Instagram

"Ben and I are dating," Galvin revealed during the interview. "I asked him this morning, I was like, are we allowed to talk about this? And he's like, 'Don't go into our nitty-gritty, but yeah, people can know.' It's still relatively new."

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They'd been isolating themselves from the public with fellow Broadway star Kathryn Gallagher, hosting a quarantine dance party online in March 2020. And with former Dear Evan Hansen stars Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross also dating from being in a similar situation in terms of taking over, Galvin expressed a little disgust, with a counter-sense response.

(L-R) Noah Galvin, Beanie Feldstein, Ben Platt and Molly Gordon attend Bette Midler's 2019 Hulaween at New York Hilton Midtown on October 31, 2019 in New York City.

Platt was a Scarecrow from 'Wizard of Oz', while Galvin was 'Tin Man'.
Photo Credit: Ben Gabbe, Getty Images for NY Restoration Project

"I know, it's so god**mn incestuous," Galvin said with a laugh after Levine pointed out the two couples. "But it makes sense, like, we all went through the war together. We all feel very connected."

Platt and Galvin had a friend group Halloween costume with common pals, Beanie Feldstein and Molly Gordon, back in November 2019. But it was the self-quarantine that has brought the two closer together.

Platt Came Out Gay to His Parents at 12 & Never Tried to Hide It

Ben Platt has been working in theaters & movies since he was nine. At the age of 12, he came out to his family, and despite not proclaiming it throughout the years, he says he's never tried to pretend he wasn't gay. Plus, he had immense support from his friends and family.

Ben Platt (C), winner of the award for Best Actor in a Musical for "Dear Evan Hanson,” poses in the press room during the 2017 Tony Awards at 3 West Club on June 11, 2017 in New York City.

Platt's got a whole gang to celebrate what he is and his success.
Photo Credit: Jemal Countess, Getty

The 26-year-old started writing music after leaving his Dear Evan Hansen days behind, and when he did, he committed himself to never pretend the people he loved weren't men. Still, he was in no way hiding it all these years as it never became relevant when it comes to preparation for a certain project. Until he was ready to release Sing to Me Instead, with the first song, Ease My Mind, already giving away the fact.

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"I've only ever played characters, so my life wasn't very relevant, other than my preparation for a particular project," Platt said days before releasing the album. "But the whole point of this (album) is to be honest about my own experiences and talk about things that have happened to me. A lot of those things just happen to be with men that I've been in love with.

Ben Platt and Rachel Bay Jones in 'Dear Evan Hansen'

Platt started theater as a nine-year-old.
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

"If I was going to write about people I loved, I wasn't going to pretend they weren't men just because I hadn't talked about that before," he told People before the release, also mentioning some of his work into the album represented a "rollercoaster of a relationship that is an amalgam of ones I've had."

In the first opportunity to talk about his relationships with men in the past, his record producers were not making any kind of issues in his songs using the male pronoun. They liked the songs, and that was it.

The Album 'Sing to Me Instead' Represents Three Major Past Relationship, 40 Songs to 12

After completing his project Sing's cast album for Atlantic Records, the label executives asked Platt if he liked to be involved in a solo project. He was sent to LA and London to work with Eg White and Ben Abraham with interest in honing his abilities. And he'd done extremely better than expected.

Turns out, The Politician star was able to pour his feelings from his past relationships with men into lyrics for 40 songs. It became like a diary for three of those relationships that made him who he is.

Ben Platt singing with a mic stand in his other hand.

Platt's transition to singing was not immediately after leaving 'Dear Evan Hansen'.
Photo Credit: Terence Patrick, CBS

Of course, he had to whittle down the number of songs to 12, and in each of them, an aspect of his past relationships was spread out like a map. USA Today wrote, "Temporary Love is a soulful declaration of unwavering commitment, while the tear-jerking Grow As We Go describes a relationship at a crossroads, where two people realize they're not right for each other right then. Hurt Me Once is about an impending breakup you both see coming, but neither wishes to admit."

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As for Honest Man, Platt says it was inspired by one of his exes, for whom being with him was the first real relationship and was not completely out of the closet.

Watch: Ben Platt's Most Popular Music Video for 'Grow As We Grow'

"It was his first real relationship and he had a lot of self-hatred issues that rubbed off on me," Platt continued. "He would try to make me feel embarrassed about doing nice things for him and wanting to tell people about us, so the song is about refusing to put up with that."

As for what's ahead in terms of his professional career, he said in an interview with Variety that he knows what he'll be doing for the next 18 years. He recently released his latest single, So Will I, and the reception to the song has been fairly positive. What future holds for him will only be shown when the pandemic comes in control.

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