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Ashley Tisdale Had Nose Job But Doesn't Recommend Plastic Surgery!

Jessica Published On Fri May 08 2020   Modified On Sat May 09 2020
Ashley Tisdale Had Nose Job But Doesn't Recommend Plastic Surgery!

Often the topic of plastic surgeries is connected with Hollywood celebrities, the media and the public are only one second away to scrutinize and give their unsolicited judgment. And as far as Hollywood is concerned, tons of rich and renowned celebrities are commonly known for undergoing one or more.

Among one include Disney alum, Ashley Tisdale, a former child actress, mostly loved for her heart-winning role as Sharpay Evans in the hit musical TV film, High School Musical. For the fans or anyone who knew her, it must be pretty surprising that someone as gorgeous as her who had every Disney fan wanting to look like her considered undergoing plastic surgeries.

Ashley Tisdale underwent a nose job.
Source: Pinterest

However, as for Tisdale who had a nose job, she had a different reason to undergo plastic surgery. More precisely, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody actress had her reasons on undergoing plastic surgery for health purposes. And, here's why! 

Ashley Tisdale's Plastic Surgery - Rhinoplasty

It was in late November 2007 when Ashley Tisdale had her first plastic surgery experience. She was 22. And for the surgery that took 5-6 hours to complete, the actress' mother Lisa Morris Tisdale was there by her side to comfort her at the hospital. And, not a week after Ashley made her public appearance since having her rhinoplasty to fix her nose, the fans and media could already tell the difference.

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Not to mention, Ashley was already performing live on stage just a couple of weeks later since she had her first plastic surgery. But, of course, Tisdale wasn't the actress who wanted to hide and ignore her fans and fake that she never had a nose job or a plastic surgery in any form. The Crank It Up singer later came forward to speak her truth with People.

Ashley Tisdale's before and after she had rhinoplasty.
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According to Tisdale, she suffered from deviated septum in her early teenage years. And, as she grew up with the condition where the nasal cavity is dislocated in other parts of the nose instead of the center part. Not only did Tisdale had a crooked nose, but also had her health affected as she began experiencing breathing problems. In her early twenties after learning from the doctor that she had two small fractures, Tisdale considered the plastic surgery procedure.

Years later, Tisdale, however was accused of undergoing plastic surgery again. But, did she?

Ashley Tisdale on Plastic Surgery

As this beautiful woman aka Ashley Tisdale was getting more successful, she was also getting prettier. And, that is an obvious reason why the media made the accusation of her having another nose job when Tisdale clearly didn't. Well, Ashley confirmed the news herself. And, to even begin with, Tisdale isn't a fan of plastic surgery.

Ashley Tisdale who had rhinoplasty isn't a fan of plastic surgeries.
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It's clear that Tisdale only had her nose surgery to get rid of her breathing problem. As a matter of fact, Tisdale doesn't even ever want to recommend plastic surgery to anyone, especially for her fans who were younger at the time. Not to mention, she actually couldn't sleep for a week prior to the day of her surgery.

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Besides, Tisdale was also accused of having a breast augmentation procedure to increase the size of her breast. But, obviously comprehending her stances on plastic surgery, she denied those claims too. And, Tisdale who believes she will never get another plastic surgery considers her fans everything and says they were what motivated her to stick with the truth.

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