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Ashley Tisdale Tries to Calm Her Fans from Possible Anxiety During Quarantine

Sea Published On Thu May 14 2020   Modified On Thu May 14 2020
Ashley Tisdale Tries to Calm Her Fans from Possible Anxiety During Quarantine

While quarantine has been tough on anyone right now, Ashley Tisdale voices mental health issues during the difficult moment.

So, how's the nationwide lockdown treating you? Yeah, it's been hard for everyone. While the virus itself has been overwhelming to people around the world, Ashley Tisdale is worried this might be tough on their mental health as well. In the last month, she's coming open about how she's trying not to break down every day, so much so that she hasn't been able to work out as often.

In her latest "honest" post on Twitter, she says that she's realized the waves of anxiety and depression during quarantine is due to "the feeling of being stuck" and "the overwhelm state of the world". But changing the perspective of the way she looked at it calmed her down, and she wants her fans to do the same. And they say, it's helped them too.

A few hours before the latest post, she posted a small clip of herself with zero makeup, saying she's been loving herself enough to be sharing such a video, despite not being perfect. "It's taken me a long time to love myself," she wrote.

It's not the first time she's put up a no-makeup face and showcased her pride in it. About a week ago, she wrote on Twitter, "I feel the most beautiful with no makeup, in a bathing suit swimming. Something about the water just makes me so present and allows me to just be. No pressure, nothing to prove, just me."

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And if you remember, Tisdale had to undergo rhinoplasty at 22 because she was struggling to breathe with deviated septum during her teenage years. So bringing up such confidence to be as naturally herself as possible is truly commendable.

Speaking of anxiety and mental health problems, the 33-year-old released her album 'Symptoms' exactly a year ago, addressing the issues of loneliness with her own journey of mental health, particularly with the song 'Voices in My Head'. If quarantine makes you feel alone, she suggests trying to "put some music on dance like no one's watching and feel the comfort that we're all in this together and we will get through this."

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Releasing personal albums is something that most artists aren't able to make these days. And when Tisdale came out with 'Symptoms', there was nothing but praises for the former Disney star, being "one of the few that didn't have a million scandals" in the glam world. And she's been advocating personal issues for her fans as long as they can remember.

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